Steel rim color ?

Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by mikegs400, Aug 26, 2019.

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    Looking to do steel rims with dog dish hubcaps on my 1969 gs. My body color is polar white, with metallic blue interior. I was told buick did not paint rims white, instead they would be black or as in my case same blue as painted on interior. Can any one help? Thank You, Mike
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    The interior color had nothing to do with the color of the rims, it was all based off the exterior body color.

    For your color car the 14" wheels would be painted black.

    PS. The reason Buick did not paint the rims "body color" for the light colors is because they did not want any brake dust or dirt on the wheels, so they didn't look ugly when they were seen on the road.
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    Thank you very much Duane.
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    code 19 Wa 848. I always add a couple more drops of blue in my mix. GM blacks were always on the bluish side. At least that’s the colors in the formula.
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    Thanks Steve that is very interesting, I like the rim !

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