Steering column floor shift bowls

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  1. schwemf

    schwemf Mike Schweitzer

    Do you think that we're likely to see reproduction floor-shift steering column bowls now that 3D printing makes this very possible? One for tilt(GM 7805999) and one for non-tilt (GM 7804649), for converting original columns?

    The part numbers above show my bias, as they're for 1969-72 Skylarks, LeManses, and Cutlasses. Maybe Chevelles too?
  2. buick64203

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  3. 2dtrak

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    Tpp has them listed too 1969-81. $89
  4. schwemf

    schwemf Mike Schweitzer

    Thank you Jason and 2dtrak! According to The Parts Place, this is GM 7805991 and not 7805999 (1969 BOP A-bodies) or 7809289 (1970-72 BOP A-bodies) . The Parts Place advertises this part as fitting our 1970-72 A-body Buicks, but I side with Jason and wonder if they've verified this?

    The Parts Place link:

    Update - both 7805999 ('69) and 7809289 ('70-72) have long been discontinued without a substitution given in the GM Parts books. If GM 7805991 was a viable substitution then I believe it would have been listed as so.
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  5. schwemf

    schwemf Mike Schweitzer

  6. BrianTrick

    BrianTrick Brian Trick

    I have one from The Parts Place. Looks like a nice piece,but have yet to try it out. I will also take pictures to compare lengths between Pontiac/Chevy and Oldsmobile/Buick.
  7. BrianTrick

    BrianTrick Brian Trick

    B45C6245-5226-4E72-A034-8320AF7E29AE.jpeg 16056CCD-DF34-4401-86D1-C64955089046.jpeg It is an exact copy of the PontiacChevy piece,so it is the longer one. A machinist could cut it down and add the slot in the correct position.
    Here is the different between the Pontiac/Chevy,and the Oldsmobile/Buick
  8. schwemf

    schwemf Mike Schweitzer

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