Stock Stall on Turbo 400 ?

Discussion in 'The "Juice Box"' started by Eric, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. Eric

    Eric Founders Club Member

    Do any of you Buick brothers know what the STOCK STALL is on a 70 GS 455 Stage 1 turbo 400?
    Were the converters the same stall for the GS's as well as the big cars
    like the Electra or Wildcat?
    I currently have a 23-2400 stall converter in my GSX Stage 1 with a posi
    3.64 in the rear. The 3.64's are great for the strip or around town but are no fun on the freeway above 55mph.
    I have another rear end all rebuilt from a 71 GS wih posi and 3.08 gears.
    I am afraid that when I install the 3.08 rearend the torque converter will
    not have a low enough stall to be used at cruzing speeds so, I would like to put back in the car a more stock converter but I need to know the size
    (like 12" 11" etc.) and the STALL SPEED of a stock converter.
    Currently my best ET with the current set up has been a 12.90@105.89
    on BF Goodrich RWL TA's 295-50/15's.I would like to enjoy the car on cruises and car shows and lay off the drag racing.The car off idle is not as snappy
    with the current converter (2300-2400 stall) as it was with the stock converter unless you powerbrake it.I no longer have the stock converter but I would like to find out what the stock converter's stall is and if any one knows if GM has a part number for it still. I could buy one from an aftermarket shop's like TA or Turbo Action etc. but if GM has one I think I would pay much less.
    Also what gear choices for the 71 posi rearend do I have other than the current 3.08's? Something in the 3.2's or 3.3's would be nice if I don't like going from 3.64's to 3.08's
    Any knowledge of this subject would be of great help!
    Thanks, fellows! :3gears:
    Eric :confused:
  2. Beamer

    Beamer Suncoupes Rule !!!

    I always thought the stock stalls were arounf 1400. And some cars had a higher stall around 1700. At least somewhere close to that I believe.

    I do not understand why your car feels softer with your 2300-2400 stall compared to a stock converter. What I have heard is optimal for a BBB all around is 3.42, which you are not far from. I am currently running a 3.90 with 265/60R15's and am taching pretty high at 55 as I am sure you realize. But the take offs are fun. I really want 3.42s for my car, 3.08's are too tall for fun.

    I remember a long while back, a buddies girlfriend worked at a tranny shop and there was a high stall torque convertor available. Also keep in mind your motor build, what RPMs does your motor idle good at? Maybe an 1800 stall would do good if you can find one.

  3. LARRY70GS

    LARRY70GS a.k.a. "THE WIZARD"

    Stock converter size was 13", I believe. The stall was probably somewhere around 1600-1800. These motors have so much low end, it's hard to kill. I have a TSP 12" switch pitch converter with 3200 /1800 stall speeds. I drive around in low stall almost all the time. It will smoke the tires easily in low stall. Carl Rychlik used the stock converter in his concourse to be, frame off, Stage1. PM him, he might have a part # for you. With the 3.08, you could just go with a 2000-2100 stall.
  4. nailheadina67

    nailheadina67 Official Nailheader

    Mine stock converter stalls at around 2000 in low and 2500 in high......that's with my foot firmly applied to the brakes (which really can't completely hold the car back unless I really press hard) :Brow:
  5. Rodster

    Rodster Well-Known Member

    I agree that you do not need much of a convertor for a primarily street-driven big block.I have the 1800/3000 switch-pitch and am severely traction limited even in low stall with a 3.08 posi 12 bolt.The motor is a relatively low-torque unit at low rpm but that makes no difference whatsoever.It has Stage 2 heads,a Hemi-Killer cam and a 950 Holley all of which should make for a soggy bottom-end.But it still goes up in smoke easily in low stall.I use high stall for the most part only to make things smoother at a light or moving in slow heavy traffic.Stay conservative on your convertor if it is a non-drag machine.The 3.08's are great too.I had a 3.64 setup previously and like the higher gears very much.

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