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    I have a storage console in my 1972 GS. The lid has the button on top and the vinyl looks worn and crappy. I think the repros are for the 1965-1970 style with the tri-shield. Does anyone know if these repros can be retrofitted with the button ? If not, is there anything I can do to make my old lid look good or am I looking for a different lid in better shape? My lid is shiny in some spots and dull and worn looking in others. Looks terrible really. I tried to paint it, but that didn't help. Any advice appreciated!

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    Hi Rich, I️ am looking for a shorty console with a button top. I️ have a nice shorty console with the trishield to trade. Please let me know. Thanks, Marc. 651-755-1454
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    If the existing vinyl is tight, you might see about having a very thin vinyl recover over the top of existing vinyl. This will allow you to use the button, and will appear most correct. Finding the grain and color will be some work, but if the color is easy to match with vinyl paint, that might be your best option.
    (I would do this first)

    If the foam still good and firm, not breaking down and crumbling, you could look into having the old removed, and recover, but you chance damaging the foam.
    Most of this type foam suffers from some degree of "dry rot" or loss of plasticizer and crumbling, so if the vinyl is removed, often the foam is damaged, so the recover over existing is better.

    I have one that is recovered. It does not look like the original, but it looks better than what I had. (side edge pulling away from the foam and deformed in places). But it is not a show car, so I am OK with it.

    I do not see any reason you could not make the repop work with the button, but you will need a flat escutcheon under the button escutcheon, as the medallion diameter is larger than the button escutcheon.
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    Rich, do you know if the base of the short console is the same for both the button top or the trishield? Do they have the same pot metal chrome plate on top? Thanks, Marc

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