stripping paint off plastic grill

Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by rex362, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. TimR

    TimR Nutcase at large

    yeah these things were very sloppy from the factory....
  2. Joe B

    Joe B Well-Known Member


    I think it came out pretty damn good. You might think about going into business!

  3. r0ckstarr

    r0ckstarr Well-Known Member

    Re: stripping paint off platic grill

    Been there, done that. Periodically, check your rubber gloves for tears if you're using it for more than a couple minutes at a time. I used it to clean some stuff and punctured both of my rubber gloves. The Castrol leaked in. I thought it was just sweat from the gloves not breathing. After an hour of cleaning with it, I washed my hands and could tell right away that something wasn't right. I put lotion on my hands and the skin just absorbed it. No matter how much lotion I put on my hands, they still felt like leather that got wet and sat out in the sun for a day. It hurt to bend my fingers. Felt like I was going to tear the skin open or something.
  4. 65specialconver

    65specialconver kennedy-bell MIA

    Me too:pp Like shoving that pizza in your mouth that just came out of the oven!:spank:
    I need to fix my 69 grille,i keep saying i'll do it during winter...that was 4 winters ago.
    It looks great Frank,congrats & thanks for the tips:gp:
  5. rex362

    rex362 paint clear and drive

    I am on my second one my original one ,after a few deep scratches fixed
    and a crack ..

    this grill I have is another animal all together ...any paint
    I spray on the silver argent areas it blisters up like crazy :Dou: :eek2:

    I think UFO's might of abducted this grill and affected by the blue ray light
  6. BillMah52

    BillMah52 Well-Known Member

    After stripping, fixing, sanding, or whatever else you do to it, you MUST wipe every stinkin' inch of the thing with cleaner degreaser and LET IT DRY.
    Then you can start spraying your paint. At this point you never ever touch the grill with your bare fingers or contaminated gloves.
    This is one part of a resto that will make you yearn for many beers with a side of pancakes.:moonu:
  7. rex362

    rex362 paint clear and drive

    wet sanded wiped and cleaned with dish soap 2 hr dry :Do No:

    gloves ? what are those :pp

    it dont like solvents /lacquer thinners ....I try again

    could be the adhesive from backside of my tape job maybe ...mmmmm
  8. jeff0547

    jeff0547 Beaters are Better

    I'm assuming you're using "Flat Black". Well, Silver doesn't like Flat Black and vice-versa. For some reason they interact with each other and either blend, turn muddy, or won't dry. You must let one throughly dry before using the other. :Do No:

    Also resist that urge to touch for several hours or better yet one day. :spank:

    I've been a modeler for about 50 years and I've always used Easy-Off to strip paint. :TU:
  9. rex362

    rex362 paint clear and drive

    no not flat black ....gloss black

    yea that silver is very touch stuff ...runs easy but
    it sprays out so nice :grin: :spank:
  10. rex362

    rex362 paint clear and drive

    Figured out the secret to the closest and best thing to paint the silver
    on our Grills ...(maybe somebody mentioned it elsewhere)


    lays down nice and it sticks and touch ups blend in good and it dries
    fast so guys like me can start touching it right away :bla:


    is the GS emblem in correct location ?


    to much dust here ...wrapped up


    my all black one above the thieves cant spot it


    the note says .....thats CPK71 /Chris...he looking for one :)

  11. GSX1

    GSX1 GSX1

    Congrats Looks great , I redid 4 or 5 of them awhile back repairs and paint ,
    very time consuming , tapeing is the hardest part
    Again look real nice!
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2009
  12. TimR

    TimR Nutcase at large

    Emblem looks too far inboard to me, should be on the outside edge of that vertical line...mine had small squares where the emblem pins passed through to guide the assembly guys...pic attached (dusty but shows the vertical line nicely) :Do No:

    Grille looks great!

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  13. rex362

    rex362 paint clear and drive

    thanks Tim .....
  14. TimR

    TimR Nutcase at large

    Nope thank you for the perpetual restoration thread! :laugh: Love watching the progress and you are doing a great job! :beer
  15. SS-TRUCK

    SS-TRUCK Stage 1 X

    Tim , the grille pic you posted is that your 71 or 72 ? Just making sure of which to clean and use since I have 2 different grilles .
  16. TimR

    TimR Nutcase at large

    The convertible is a 72, here is a pic of a 71...nothing alike:
  17. SS-TRUCK

    SS-TRUCK Stage 1 X

    Thanks Tim .
  18. TimR

    TimR Nutcase at large

    no worries.
  19. GSX1

    GSX1 GSX1

    Mike is that a pic of your car in your avatar ?
  20. buick64203

    buick64203 Just plum crazy Staff Member

    I had success with stripping the paint offf my grill. Mine haad layers and layers of silver paint. When I spoke to Dave Tumas at the Nats and he suggested wrapping it up in plastic and letting the Easy Off sit on the grill for a day:idea2: . Stupid me, I was spraying it on and hosing it right off. :spank: No wonder the crap wasnt working!

    Well, I tried Dave's little trick and the paint literally fell off! I took the black garbage bag off and the paint was bubbled up. Took a razor blade and gave it a quick scrape- gobs of gooey silver paint! I did two other applications and now my grill is grey plastic once again! I really thought the grill was a goner. Thanks for the tip Dave! :beer

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