SuperTurbine 300

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  1. Super Turbine 300 transmission 1967 model year, MK model code, date code is 016N
    With torque converter. I do not know whether this is a switch pitch converter. There was no switch-pitch switch/wiring on the accelerator linkage (Survivor car).
    If its important, and someone can tell me how to identify the T.C., I'll check it out.

    It does what you'd expect from a mechanical standpoint, but has seal issues. Therefore, expect to put have it checked out and put some work into it.

    $150 + Shipping. Prefer to arrange local pick up or meet somewhere in the greater DFW area.

    67 Buick Super Turbine 300 Transmission.jpg Buick Super Turbine 300.jpg
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    The switch pitch torque converter has spot welds on the front face.
  3. Thank you, Phil! I'll check it and update the post if needed.

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