survivor 1970 GS455 convertible. 50,000 miles

Discussion in 'Cars for sale' started by exhaust plus, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. exhaust plus

    exhaust plus Well-Known Member

    All original, number matching ,loaded car. Power windows, power door locks, power bucket seat, tilt, air, cruise, AM-FM radio, lighted rear view mirror. Bamboo Cream with black bucket interior with console. I've owned this car around 15 years and put less than 500 miles on it. This car was in a machine shed from 1974 until I bought it. I put a new starter on it and have the original with it. It's had voltage regulator replaced sometime in it's life and I put some new hoses on it. I put new mufflers and tail pipes on it. Lead pipes are original. New tires 15 ago and some cleaning, otherwise all original. From what I was told at purchase is the car got some damage on the transport when new, so the rear clip was repainted. I can't see anything that was replaced in the quarters or damage fixed. Just repainted. Very solid car, but not quite a show car. I'm located in SE South Dakota. Give me a call for more information.605-677-9198 1970 gs 455 convertible 013.JPG 1970 gs 455 convertible 012.JPG 1970 gs 455 convertible 011.JPG 1970 gs 455 convertible 010.JPG 1970 gs 455 convertible 009.JPG 1970 gs 455 convertible 007.JPG 1970 gs 455 convertible 006.JPG 1970 gs 455 convertible 005.JPG 1970 gs 455 convertible 004.JPG 1970 gs 455 convertible 001.JPG Scott. Asking $30,000
  2. BYoung

    BYoung Stage me

    Nice looking car. Engine bay and trunk pictures might help with your sale. Good luck.
  3. exhaust plus

    exhaust plus Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I'll try to post some more pictures this weekend, the car is back in climate controlled storage. Scott
  4. Dano

    Dano Platinum Level Contributor

    Wow, what a beauty (Mileage? Black top?) - Not in line but sure would be if I could. Makes me want to bail on my convertible project. Shouldn't have any trouble selling it. I remember a very similar car being for sale @ the '85 Nationals. GLWS.
  5. exhaust plus

    exhaust plus Well-Known Member

    It's got 50,250 miles on it. Black top and interior.
  6. ray morris

    ray morris Well-Known Member

    Interested please send more of engine bay ????
  7. exhaust plus

    exhaust plus Well-Known Member

    I'll try to get it in the shop later to take some underneath pictures, engine bay, trunk, etc. Thanks, Scott
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  8. ray morris

    ray morris Well-Known Member

  9. rdirks

    rdirks Well-Known Member

    I'll get in line behind Ray - also looking forward to the additional pics....
  10. wovenweb

    wovenweb Platinum Level Contributor

    Inline also.
  11. Stage 2 iron

    Stage 2 iron 475 IRON HEAD STAGE 2

    Inline, just in case it get this far put I'm sure it will SELL.
  12. ctauto

    ctauto Well-Known Member

    Inline as well.
  13. exhaust plus

    exhaust plus Well-Known Member

    Here's some more pics. Let me know if there's anything in particular that you want to see. I've had this car over 15 years and didn't paint or detail anything because I didn't want to take away from the originality. The driver seat has a couple tears in the waffleweave, but I have a very nice '70 passenger side bottom that will go with the car. I also have an original voltage regulator to replace the Sears one that's on it now. Thanks, Scott 71 Buick GS455 convertible 012.JPG 71 Buick GS455 convertible 011.JPG 71 Buick GS455 convertible 012.JPG 71 Buick GS455 convertible 011.JPG 71 Buick GS455 convertible 010.JPG 71 Buick GS455 convertible 009.JPG 71 Buick GS455 convertible 008.JPG 71 Buick GS455 convertible 007.JPG 71 Buick GS455 convertible 006.JPG 71 Buick GS455 convertible 005.JPG 71 Buick GS455 convertible 004.JPG 71 Buick GS455 convertible 003.JPG
  14. exhaust plus

    exhaust plus Well-Known Member

    The trunk without the mat.

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  15. exhaust plus

    exhaust plus Well-Known Member

    71 buick gs455 convertible 003.JPG 71 buick gs455 convertible 002.JPG 71 buick gs455 convertible 001.JPG 71 buick gs455 convertible 004.JPG Here's a few more interesting pictures. There's a dealer sticker on each door from where the car was purchased new. The carb. still has a florescent sticker on the side, I've never seen this before. Plus the cowl tag. Scott
  16. exhaust plus

    exhaust plus Well-Known Member

    Haven't heard anything from Ray, so next on the list. Scott
  17. thebuick

    thebuick Well-Known Member

    He must of seen the UNDERNEATH PICS :eek:
  18. 1970 STAGE 1

    1970 STAGE 1 Well-Known Member

    Iowa, perfect explanation though for the underside and engine corrosion.
  19. Philip66

    Philip66 Well-Known Member

    I've seen a lot worse underneath a convertible.
    And the guts were nowhere near as nice. IMHO

  20. rdirks

    rdirks Well-Known Member

    I'm going to give up my spot in line - only because, knowing myself, I would probably not be able to leave it alone and I dont need another resto project right now....

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