Suspension questions 1967 gs

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    This is my first post so any suggestions on how to make it better would be appreciated. I am going to improve the ride on my GS by installing a PST Polygraphite kit. I am having a hard time finding shocks and would welcome any ideas, just want a nice street ride. Also, I have been considering 15" rims but am wondering if there would be any clearance problems using the stock drum brakes.

    Thanks for the help.
  2. scott kerns

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    Hey Don welcome from South Florida. Where are you from? Post some pics when you are able.

    When you talk about improving the ride are you talking about handling or comfort? The PST polygraphite kit is for what? I am redoing my suspension and here is the direction I went...... new eibach coil springs all the way around lowered the car slightly. (max 3 inches) I have KYB gas shock all the way around. I have Spohn performance rear sway bar, rear upper and lower control arms. I have a GM bigger than stock sway bar on the front all with new polyurethane sway bar bushings. Tubular upper control arms and new Moog rubber bushings in my "redone" (lower ball joints changed also) lower control arms. Still working on replacing other front end parts so i can't tell you how it handles, but I am sure it will be a night / day difference.


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