Swapping out the 430 (help/advice)

Discussion in 'Small Block Tech' started by DanielRey78, May 18, 2018.

  1. DanielRey78

    DanielRey78 Member

    20180515_175944.jpg I am trying to get my 67 Riviera back running. Going to swap out the 430 for a built sbc 350 but not sure what is need to line up with tranny. It has th400, anyone have any advice on needed parts for conversion? Dont hate on me but i am no mechanic but i do have mechanic skills so i am learning and will be doing what i can where i can and paying for the work where i have to.
    Thanks in advance
  2. LARRY70GS

    LARRY70GS a.k.a. "THE WIZARD"

    Not hating on you, but I think you are making a huge mistake. That looks like a nice car, and it would be so much easier to stay with the Buick big block. You will need the torque to move that heavy car. What is wrong with the 430 to make you give up on it? The SBC will not bolt up to the transmission without an adapter.
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  3. HeavensDevil

    HeavensDevil Well-Known Member

    You will need a bellhousing adapter plate, torque converter bolt spacers, and a torque converter snout spacer.
  4. HeavensDevil

    HeavensDevil Well-Known Member

    I would stick with a Buick big block though.
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  5. alec296

    alec296 i need another buick

    A lot of modifications to get the small Chevy in there. And trans adapters. Or get a Chevy trans.
    It’s. Heavy car. I would have kept the 430. I had a 67 riv. Now my brother sports the 430 in my old 72 gs convertible with some head porting, a 284-88 cam advanced 4 degrees,Holley terminator efi ,Shorty headers and a grand national 2004r. Low 12 second tire burner.
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  6. DanielRey78

    DanielRey78 Member

    Ok so my post is somewhat incorrect. I said i am swapping it out. Im considering. I drove it from Ohio heading to Texas (never getting on it) i heard a bearing going out and stopped my trip an hour from my house and got it hauled home. The engine and car still run I would love to keep the 430 i just dont know what to have done to increase performance and correct factory issues such as oil pressure and such. Anyone have a build sheet i should get done i would sure appreciate it. I know buicks are their own breed but i have been researching and am lost. Ive got about 3 grand. Will that get me a decent rebuild on the 430?
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  7. LARRY70GS

    LARRY70GS a.k.a. "THE WIZARD"

    Geez Dan, you just joined yesterday.:D Everything you need to know, and I mean everything is here. You just need to do a little research and reading here. Are you sure it's a bearing? The only thing you really need to mind is the oil pressure. Stock oil pressure was limited to about 40 psi. That's OK if you don't spin it past 4500 RPM. If you take the engine higher, you just need more pressure. As long as the engine and oil pump clearances are good, all it takes is a relief spring remove and replace. With that being said, every Buick needs a good oil pressure gauge so you know what the pressures are. Here is a thread on oil pump rebuilding and improvement,


    Here is a thread on oil system modifications and when they are needed,


    You may be able to get the short block done if it is a bearing. Make sure.
  8. DanielRey78

    DanielRey78 Member

    Yea. I had been researching elsewhere when i found this forum. Just get lost in how to search on here theres so much , and some of the titles are well creative and such. I thank you for the help. The engine turns over and runs still so i think there is hope to rebuild it im just looking into options and advice from those that know. I appreciate the links and i will do some more digging into threads!
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  9. rkammer

    rkammer '71 GS455 Arctic White

    In answer to one of your questions, I think you can probably get a decent rebuild of the 430 within your $3K budget if you pull and reinstall the motor yourself. You could even disassemble the motor and have the short block and heads redone and then, reassemble the components and put the motor back into the car.
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  10. LARRY70GS

    LARRY70GS a.k.a. "THE WIZARD"

    I'm sure you want to get this car on the road ASAP, but my advice is to slow down and start reading here. You are in the right place. Don't be afraid to ask questions as you will get lots of good help. If you can take your time, you will be glad you kept the Buick 430. Nothing will move that big Riv like the torque you'll get from a healthy BBB. You can hop the engine up as well, it just costs more because Buick parts are a much smaller part of the market. Have a look here as well,


    Up on the right side is a link to download the TA catalog in pdf form.


    Download it and look through it. It will give you some idea of what is available for the BBB.
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  11. mikethegoon

    mikethegoon Well-Known Member

    I say full speed ahead. SBC and cruise. I wouldn't have head out on road with an old Buick. Less I knew motor. A clean car you can enjoy for a long time. Pay someone to put it in
  12. mikethegoon

    mikethegoon Well-Known Member

    An hour away - boy that's funny /sad but funny
  13. DanielRey78

    DanielRey78 Member

    I know right made it 15 or so out of the 16 1/2 hour trip i was gonna trailer it but said lets see what happens. I babied it the whole way. SO CLOSE BUT YET SO FAR AWAY! my buddies were ready for the call and came out at 2 am and scooped me and the car up.
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  14. 436'd Skylark

    436'd Skylark Sweet Fancy Moses!!!!!

    You can get your 430 running for 3k easy. At a minimum you are looking at a crank kit and resizing the two rods. At that point you'll obviously have the motor out and you can inspect the top end.

    You can hone the cylinders and put new rings in cheap as well.

    You'll definitely have to inspect the oil pump and may consider replacing the cover.

    You will likely find the stock 430 will satisfy your right foot once it's running properly.

    If you intend to just drive it and occasionally beat on it I wouldn't bother with the oil mods. Especially if your not revving past 5500 rpm. Make sure the oil pump is built properly and enjoy the car.

    If you are looking to get going asap you can find a good running 455 and it'll bolt right in. a 70-74 455 with your 430 heads would be a nice combo.
  15. DanielRey78

    DanielRey78 Member

    Yea. I was glad to get to feel the power of that motor and that was at only about 25 percent of the pedal i dont want to swap to sb but i wasnt sure on cost of rebuild and ease. Im no mechanic but we have a badass engine builder here locally. Older fella its just hard to chat with him because he is a 3 man shop. I appreciate the info and the help!!!
  16. Nailhead Ronnie

    Nailhead Ronnie Life's 2 Short. Live like it.

    If u get rid of the 430 you will have to ditch the transmission to. Being that it's a 67, it's the last year of the th 400 switch pitch, a very desirable transmission. Do some research on it here in this form or on Google.

    I would keep the 430 too. And find a good Buick builder around you.

    Take the SBC out your head, if all else fails you can put a 454 and cam it.

    But you have a real desirable set up with the pre smog 430 and the SP th400. That's what I wanted for my build but ended up with the plain Jane th400.
    Please keep the Buick, you'll be happier in the end.
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