TA 2014 CHA 2" Stage 2 Headers

Discussion in 'Parts wanted' started by Bluzilla, Dec 30, 2018.

  1. Bluzilla

    Bluzilla a.k.a. "THE DOCTOR"

    I'm looking for a New or a (Really Clean) set of Stage 2 headers for my own personal build on my Skylark. The TA 2014 CHA 2". Not interested in any dented, rusted, or modified headers. I will buy them new but just thought if someone had a set they decided not to use we could both win.

    Product ID: TA_2014CHA
    Competition Stage 2 Headers, w/o Air, 2"


    Competition. 2” Primary, Fits `68-`77 Special, Skylark, GS, Sportwagon, Regal,Century. 71-`76 LeSabre, Centurion, Electra, Riviera. `78-`88 Regal. With Out Air, Raw

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  2. Bluzilla

    Bluzilla a.k.a. "THE DOCTOR"



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