Take time to talk to God.

Discussion in 'Help From Above' started by Donuts & Peelouts, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. Donuts & Peelouts

    Donuts & Peelouts Life's 2 Short. Live like it.

    1st off it's so cool to have a car forum with a platform for learning about your Lord and creator and provider. When I was on the classic olds site they had in there rules no taking about religion.
    We as men are strong, but we need the love of God to make us complete. The way to receive his love is easy. Just ask. Don't feel like you not good enough or 2 dirty. Come as you are and with time God will start to give you small victories of your bad old nature. Understand that the devil is real and has power on earth, he is called the price of the world. Be strong because Jesus is the king. No evil can do us harm when we believe in Jesus and the protection that he gives over us through his father God of Isreal. You can talk to God as if he is your Dad, you can tell him what's on your mind and in your heart. I wants to hear from you. He loves you..

    When things go bad, talk to God. Understand that what you want for your life might not be what HE wants for you at the time so be happy even if you don't get what u want. It is his will.

    If anyone has any questions about the Christianity I am here to help as much as I can..

    Trust the Lord not you heart. For a fool follows the heart.
  2. joshdylan2009

    joshdylan2009 Member

    Amen brother
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  3. Donuts & Peelouts

    Donuts & Peelouts Life's 2 Short. Live like it.

    Thanks Josh have a great day this day of the Lord.
  4. OHC JOE


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  5. Donuts & Peelouts

    Donuts & Peelouts Life's 2 Short. Live like it.

    Thanks Joe, have a cool Sunday my brother
  6. bhambulldog

    bhambulldog 1955 76-RoadmasterRiviera

    God helps me everyday.
    Praise God!
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  7. Richie

    Richie Well-Known Member

    Praise and glorify him, Amen
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  8. docgsx

    docgsx It's not a GTX

    1 Thessalonians 5:17Amplified Bible (AMP)
    17 be unceasing and persistent in prayer;
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  9. Donuts & Peelouts

    Donuts & Peelouts Life's 2 Short. Live like it.

    Thanks for the scripture. It the truth. Praise be to God
  10. gsgnnut

    gsgnnut Well-Known Member

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  11. moleary

    moleary GOD Bless America

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  12. Smokey15

    Smokey15 So old that I use AARP bolts.

    When even your best friend would judge you, much less understand, God will listen and guide you to the right answer.
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  13. TorqueMonster1

    TorqueMonster1 Making My GS Great Again!

    It's very nice to see a group of men with a common interest in Buicks able to also talk about what really matters, Jesus Christ! Stay Focused On What Really Matters!
  14. Buczthump

    Buczthump Member

    Talk to YAH (God) every day - not just when you need something. He will talk to your heart not your head! Talk to him like you would normally talk to someone. Believe me he understands. His son's name is Yahushaua (Jesus). He can be talked to also - ask to see the truth in all things. Tell him he's your Lord and Saviour. The only way to be with YAH in heaven is through Yahushua. Ask for forgiveness for your sins and for those that have 'trespassed' against you. Best wishes.
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  15. faster

    faster Well-Known Member

    Having trouble hearing from God? Read 1st John 4:7-15. Get that in your foundation and I promise things clear up quickly... It doesn't mean there is still not change coming just you understand it.

    I have spent the last six plus years getting my "Christian foundation" torn down and rebuilt by the Lord and He's still not finished the renovation. He left me with nothing but my cornerstone Jesus and has been building the foundation He wants. Believe me you do not want this "Job" experience. It has been a long, extremely hard path so pay attention to Him the first time and save yourself the hassles.

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  16. docgsx

    docgsx It's not a GTX

    Had a fraction of the Job life myself in the last two years… Glad that God has brought me through it, like the Israelites crossing the parted see!
  17. Donuts & Peelouts

    Donuts & Peelouts Life's 2 Short. Live like it.

    Amen Guys have a great week. So cool to know I got brothers everywhere.
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  18. Donuts & Peelouts

    Donuts & Peelouts Life's 2 Short. Live like it.

    Just read First John chapter 4 over list advised before. Very cool and strong chapter Screenshot_20170703-111932.png Screenshot_20170703-111936.png Screenshot_20170703-111941.png . As if my father God is speaking directly to me.
  19. 70 gsconvt

    70 gsconvt Silver Level contributor

    I hear you. I feel very fortunate that I never had to have a "big moment" in my life like so many others that I've heard of and talked to in order to have religion and praise him. Amen to everyone here.
  20. faster

    faster Well-Known Member

    I have to say though when you are going through a "Job" time it seems no one will be there for you. People I thought I had a good relationship with in Christ were not available and those that would listen treated me like Job's friends treated him accusing and making it a Works thing instead of a Grace thing. I am still struggling as God slowly answers and reveals what is going on but man when no one will just be there without judgement is tough and just adds to the misery.

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