Texas Pre-Nationals Buick Test and Tune

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  1. 1972 Stage 1

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    Do you know how strict the track is as far as enforcement of a roll bar?
  2. chucknixon

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    I would love to bring one on my GS400's and do some bench racing but we are returning on Wednesday, August 3 from Allentown, PA and the Buick Club of America 50th anniversary having trailered our 1932 Buick up and back. So, heading to San Antonio from Fort Worth for a Friday/Saturday event will not work for me.

    Sounds like fun and stay cool in the heat!


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  3. gpollakis

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    Pretty strict, cant be for sure on test and tune night, you might have to let off on the last 300 feet!
  4. 1972 Stage 1

    1972 Stage 1 Well-Known Member

    Roll call. Who is going?
  5. gpollakis

    gpollakis Member

    Buick Nut will be there. Maybe the hemi killer!
  6. gsman66

    gsman66 Only in Texas....

    Had wanted to attend but have a family member's wedding in East Texas this weekend.

    Y'all have fun!
  7. wovenweb

    wovenweb Gold Level Contributor

    I'll be there but likely only as a spectator.
  8. wovenweb

    wovenweb Gold Level Contributor

    Probably should have posted phone numbers or ways to get in touch...
  9. wovenweb

    wovenweb Gold Level Contributor

    San Antonio Raceway.jpg

    From last night. I hung out for a couple of hours. Didn't bring my Pontiac but do want to get there with it some time soon. I took it to Kil-Kare Raceway(Dayton, OH) about 3 years ago in what was my first ever time at a drag strip. 14.2 @ 100.1 mph was the best of the 3 runs I got in. 60' times were awful, but I had a lot of fun. It has been more of a show car since the frame off restoration was completed in 2011. Right now, it is having trouble idling.

    I was hoping to see Mark N. (carmantx) last night as I owe him $$. I guess I need to figure out his PayPal. *And I'm really really late in paying him.
  10. carmantx

    carmantx Never Surrender

    Hey Brian. I won't make it today either. I actually thought it was going to be last weekend, and schedule got all messed up. Busy busy around here, thankfully.

    You owe me money? Haha. I turned over all my bookkeeping to my wife! Now you know why, haha.

    Let me know on your idle issues also.

  11. wovenweb

    wovenweb Gold Level Contributor

    Shipping and the helicoil in the Ram Air II quadrajet that I got from Clif is what I owe you for. It's bolted up and doing fine now. I'm down to the distributor and checking for vacuum leaks.
  12. Eva16

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    i love the part where you said i truned over all my bookkeeping to my wife ,:p i handle my husband books
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