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  1. uwasbuick

    uwasbuick NO, IT'S NOT A CHEVELLE!

    I finally dug out the 200 4r I purchased some years back off a turbo guy to look it over. Although he said it was built for a turbo car, I didn't really look it over closely until recently. Upon looking at the case my heart sank a little. The case is in good shape, but is a KBF. I looked it up, and its a 86 Olds 307 trans. I bought this before actually knowing anything about the O/D transmission. I pulled the pan to have a look at the governor, and the valve body. I was pleasantly surprised by a finding a GN governor in it, but, I'm unsure about the valve body. It has BQ8 on it. Which I'm guessing means it came out of a 84-85 Buick BQ transmission? Any ideas? Although I'm aware that this is not the desirable BRF, is this a decent valve body? Is there any way of visibly being able to see that the valve body has been modified without taking it out?Thanks for any help!!

  2. Golden Oldie 65

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    Does it have a purple paint strip on the valve body?
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  3. uwasbuick

    uwasbuick NO, IT'S NOT A CHEVELLE!

    Pinkish purple, but the stamp (BQ8) appears to be white, or light grey.
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  4. Golden Oldie 65

    Golden Oldie 65 Well-Known Member

    BQ is the code an `84-`85 GN. I don't know what the 8 means but it does sound like you have the right valve body for the trans.
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  5. TexasT

    TexasT Texas, where are you from

    Should work well with the swapped in BQ VB and governor. What does the casting on the servo read. Might end in 692 if it came from that turbo car.
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  6. 12lives

    12lives Engage! - Jean-Luc Picard

    Could have been modified for a turbo car, anything could happen in the last 25 years since it was new!
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  7. uwasbuick

    uwasbuick NO, IT'S NOT A CHEVELLE!

    Yes, the servo cover does end in 692.
    I'm really glad I decided to check the governor, and VB. I was feeling a little upset after looking up the KBF code!
  8. black70buick

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    Not done it myself but I know there are th2004r build instructions out there. The brf is desired but that doesn't mean a plain 200 can't be upgraded to perform just like a true brf. Differences are the internals as others have suggested. It sounds like from other posts all the right stuff is there to handle descent HP. Jump over to the turbo Buick forums to get more info.
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  9. Matt69olds

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    The BRF GN transmission is internally identical to a 2004r out of grandmas Cadillac with the exception of the servo, valve body, and govenor. The case, planetary gearset, clutches, drums, etc are all the same. Around 84 model year Hydromatic started heat treating the drive shell, but that was done across the entire production line. They also replaced certain thrust washers with bearings sometime along its production. Once again, it was across the entire production.
  10. Stage 2 iron

    Stage 2 iron 475 IRON HEAD STAGE 2

    86 - 87 2004R transmissions were tricked out It had a 2.75 first gear ratio if you ever road in 86-
    87 grand national it shifted hard you know what I'm talking about.
  11. Redmanf1

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    Trans info.

    2004R BRC Valvebody Package
    EXtreme Automatics™ Performance valvebody and governor combo.
    This is the same Valvebody package we use on our transmissions, and will provide Buick Grand National performance on any 2004R.
    Shifts are 4800-5200 Line pressure with good pump is 275psi. Valvebody, Governor, Boost Valve and PR Spring included.
    All BRC Packages are fully tested on a dyno before shipment.
    We offer this on an exchange basis only, and you must send your valve body, governor, and spacer plate in for the build.
    If you choose to purchase online, box up your components and we will have UPS stop by and pick up Free of Charge.

    " Valvebody (BRC) The Brain of the EA™ 2004R is the BRC™. BRC™ simply means BR Calibrated. We took the most popular BR Valvebody more commonly know and exclusively used on the Buick Grand National and basically copied it. After hours on a test bench we were able to see the difference between the Hi Performance BR Valvebody and the standard VB used on most other passenger cars. We then went to work duplicating the performance. What we ended with a Vb that is easily produced with shift like Characteristics of the original Vb used on the Buick Grand National thus the Name BR Calibrated. This was a major step for EA. We became the first builder of the 2004R that did not require and expensive 2004R core from a Grand National or a Monte Carlo SS to build a reliable 2004R with performance shift qualities. We build and sell BRC™ valvebodies to some of the other 2004R builders to this day."

  12. Matt69olds

    Matt69olds Well-Known Member

    Every 2004r had a 2.74 first gear ratio. Other than the calibration, the BRF turbo trans is identical to every other 2004R. Take the trans out of grandmas Cadillac, install the BRF valve body, servo, govenor etc, it will perform exactly like a turbo Buick transmission.

    I have been building then for about 20 years, and have done lots of research. But there are people out there with far more knowledge about these transmissions than I’ll ever know. Spend a little time over at the turbo Buick page, there are some really sharp builders that frequent that forum.
  13. uwasbuick

    uwasbuick NO, IT'S NOT A CHEVELLE!

    Wow, its been a while since I checked my own post! Mostly the info I was after was about what I had discovered in the 2004R I had purchased probably close to ten years ago. While I was initially disappointed when I researched the code on the case, I was happy to find that it had already had some modifications done to it. Biggest thing I was trying to get answered was about the VB that is in it, a BQ. I researched that and came up with the 1985 Buick code. I just want to make sure that it performs similarly to the BR. I already realize that it isn't a BRF transmission, but it does have the right governor, and a turbo car VB. Can anyone tell me more about the BQ VB that I have? It will need a rebuild, as there is a lot of clutch material in the pan. This being said, I don't have super deep pockets, and I've mentioned in other posts that I am married to an accountant, which means I have to basically beg for any of the money i spend on my cars! While I would LOVE to be able to spend 4K on a transmission I cannot justify this expense to her! I want to keep everything budget minded. Thanks for all those that took the time to read, and reply!

  14. uwasbuick

    uwasbuick NO, IT'S NOT A CHEVELLE!

    I have not had the pleasure, I was looking into those cars back in 2017, while I was on vacation in Florida, even had the wifes blessing to look at a couple on the way back home (to Wisconsin). Unfortunately, we were involved in an accident shortly after departing for home (Tampa) that totaled my truck, and thats where my search ended. I still love the turbo cars, just never got around to getting one.

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