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  1. Mikejg

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    Getting ready to reinstall freshly rebuilt 350 2 barrel in my 1970 Skylark Custom convertible. Transmission was rebuilt several years ago, so internals good, exterior has been cleaned and looks fine in bare metal. My shop asked if I wanted to paint it. I was wondering it appears like it was originally not painted am I correct or was it originally painted and if so what color?
  2. Stage 2 iron

    Stage 2 iron Nice Chevelle LOL

    Not painted aluminum case.
  3. Mikejg

    Mikejg Skylark Fan

    20190815_153558.jpg 587490405.jpg Thanks for the help
  4. Stage 2 iron

    Stage 2 iron Nice Chevelle LOL

    Not a problem, good luck with your install an Breakin with your rebuilt motor make sure you use heavy zinc additive for Breakin the cam.
  5. 64 skylark mike

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    Pretty sure they came in natural aluminum, but I wasn't happy with how mine looked even with all the cleaning and scrubbing I could do to it. So I wire wheeled it with a fine brush and painted it with VHT aluminum spray paint. Still looks great after 3 years.

    It just didn't seem right to have the new engine all detailed and mate it up to a kinda grungy drab looking transmission.
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  6. Mikejg

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    Thanks again Stage 2 iron, yes my engine builder recommends after the 500mile breakin oil to run Amsoil 10w30 with zinc. Decided to just clean and polish the transmission rather than paint. Considering I have not restored my Buick to the degree where I would stick mirrors under it for everyone to see, going natural was the way to go.
  7. Edward Campbell

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  8. Mikejg

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    Bill Hirsch Engine Enamel Buick Red Lat 1966-1971, codes on the can 5670-4130, Batch #30410, not sure who my engine builder used as his supplier, but have seen it online Bill Hirsch Auto. Perfect match to the valve covers made and painted by TA performance. Waiting on 2 new wiring harnesses being built
    by letric limited and then can finally install it back in car and she will be able to move on her own power again.

    20190816_130344.jpg 20190816_130323.jpg

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