The beater is for sale!!

Discussion in 'Cars for sale' started by buick64203, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. buick64203

    buick64203 Just plum crazy Staff Member

    Its time to let the beater go to a new home For those not familiar with the car or the build, Ill givr you a brief description-

    Its an original 1970 GS 455 but totally non matching numbers. Originally a bench seat automatic, its now an M-21 4 speed. 72/73 vintage 455. Conversion was done with all original parts right down to an original big block clutch fork and 5335 shifter. You would be hard pressed to tell this was an original automatic car,

    All my best parts went into this car.

    restored tilt column
    16" thumb groove wheel
    15x7 steelies with almost brand new Polyglas G60's and doggies (cost me $1500)
    disc brakes
    restored AM/FM radio and new Turnswitch 8 ohm speaker
    1970 8.2 3.42 posi
    boxed rear lower arms and sway bar
    Complete instrument group dash with working factory tach
    Complete polyurethane front end
    TA Performance timing cove and oil pump
    Parts Place factory dual exhaust system
    KYB gas adjust shocks
    NOS Sun 2 5/8" "blue line" oil pressure and water temp gauges in chrome cups
    1971 Stage 1 carb
    Stage 1 fuel pump
    date coded ignition wires
    Crane XRi electronic ignition
    Legendary repro Buick mats
    Lectric Limited spring ring battery cables
    new Falcon 11" clutch disc and pressure plate

    Car has been gone over mechanically front to back, top to bottom. Everything is new underneath. You could drive this car anywhere. Runs cool, excellent oil pressure (30psi at idle hot). The 455 was rebuilt back in the late 90' s. Doesnt smoke, no noises and dry as a bone underneath. All you need to do is change the oil and wash it occasionally with a scrub brush:)

    $14k firm . Car is located on LI, NY

    NEW PRICE- 12,500
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  2. johnriv67

    johnriv67 Well-Known Member

    Oh god its happening, the challenger loans are catching up. Also, I'd sell a kidney for this car. Or a certain Riviera.
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  3. buick64203

    buick64203 Just plum crazy Staff Member

    Oh, and its a magazine car! March 2019 issue of MCR:p
  4. Mike B in SC

    Mike B in SC Well-Known Member

    I'll trade you a 68 GS400 for it!
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  5. buick64203

    buick64203 Just plum crazy Staff Member

    I have $800 in the timing cover
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  6. Jim Rodgers

    Jim Rodgers Well-Known Member

    Im a man, I look at pictures. I don't know how to read.
  7. buick64203

    buick64203 Just plum crazy Staff Member

    So the way I figured the price was I added up the fair market value of all the parts

    For example, I paid $1000 for the 3 42 rear like 10 years ago

    The complete 4 speed set up has got to be worth $4000.

    The rebuilt 455 with the assembled TA cover has got to be worth $1500

    The wheels and tires cost me $1500.

    The instrument cluster- $400

    The steering wheel cost me $300. I can go on...

    Pus the countless hours of my labor that's worth zero. Honestly, I don't think you could build the car for less.
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  8. 70skylark350

    70skylark350 Well-Known Member

    want....... more than fair price Jason.
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  9. Mike B in SC

    Mike B in SC Well-Known Member

    No interest in my trade offer?
  10. buick64203

    buick64203 Just plum crazy Staff Member

    I appreciate the offer but I'm trying to think the herd a little.
  11. buick64203

    buick64203 Just plum crazy Staff Member

    Jeez....I got $500 just in the rebuilt shifter and rods
  12. Smartin

    Smartin Staff Member

    Can you post some current photos? Or direct potential buyers to the threads where you have highlighted the work you've done? How rotten is the body? I remember it needing quarters, but what about floors or rockers? Doors? Fenders?
  13. buick64203

    buick64203 Just plum crazy Staff Member

    Here are some pictures from today. It doesnt pay to restore the car. At the end of the day, its a garden variety Bamboo cream 70 GS 455 bench seat automatic. Whats it worth done? 26k? Youll have triple in it by the time the smoke clears. You'd have just as much in it as Im asking putting it together the way I have it. 4 speed stuff doesnt exactly grow on trees Seems a shame to just part it out. Someone has to see the value in it. Its literally the best running and driving GS Ive ever had

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  14. johnriv67

    johnriv67 Well-Known Member

    Having visited Jason today, that car’s cool factor is a 10/10. It’s awesome to see in person
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  15. Brian Albrecht

    Brian Albrecht Gold Level Monkey

    GLWS Jason...the beater has come along way and you've shared the story every step of the way. Anyone would at least attempt to recoup their $ investment before looking at a plan "B". It's a shame some people can't recognize that or respect board rules regarding detrimental comments in this forum.
  16. OHC JOE


    Have u tried to wash it with CLR bam it's all clean
    That car is too cool
    It would look great next to mine and fun to drive I bet good luck with sale have a great day.. 47649.jpeg
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  17. buick64203

    buick64203 Just plum crazy Staff Member

    Well said Brian
  18. Clarkie

    Clarkie Well-Known Member

    After seeing some of the comments about "The Beater," I felt compelled to reach out to Jason directly. Below is what I sent him:

    Hi Jason,

    I just thought I'd reach out to you about "The Beater." Personally, I love the car. A factory big block 1970 GS is a dream car of mine and I even really like Bamboo Cream. I kind of fell in love with it and the plans you had in store for it from the minute I saw them posted on the board. The fact that you made it a 4-speed car with all the correct parts really makes it, along with everything else you've done (I really dig the G60s on steelies and dog dishes). It's one of my favourite cars on the whole board. In fact, last night I did a thread search to trace back everything you've done with/to the car since you got it. I loved seeing it in Muscle Car Review, too.

    I can't believe the negative comments about the car since you've posted it for sale. Maybe you know better than me, but they don't seem tongue-in-cheek. I feel really bad how others on the board have made such negative comments about such a cool car. If it were me, I'd be hurt. I just can't believe people are making such crass comments. Not to mention, it's against forum rules to comment in such a manner in the Cars for Sale forum.

    I just wanted to reach out and say that I love the car and I'd totally be in line for it, but I'm pretty sure I'd never get my wife into the car, so unfortunately (and begrudgingly), I'm not a player. Good luck with the sale.


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    BUQUICK I'm your huckleberry.

    you mean these these rules?:

    "...commentary will no longer be allowed in someone's ad. If you want to comment on something, make your own new post about it, in the Bench, or other appropriate forum. Reasonable requests for more pictures, info, or other sale related communication is still allowed."

    board rules.jpg

    GLWS Jason. Cool car.
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  20. Clarkie

    Clarkie Well-Known Member

    Jason, can you send me pics of the passenger side quarter panel behind the wheel? I'll PM you my email address and cell number.

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