The NB Center for American Automotive Heritage

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  1. Cal87

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    Hi V8Buick fans and bloggers!

    Thank you for welcoming me to your community and allowing me to share this video with your group. This is NOT SPAM (I promise)- This is an incredible story about car culture, made for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts. @CarCultureTV

    Thanks to the world’s finest collectors, exotic cars like Ferrari, Bugatti and Aston Martin are safe from the sands of time, but the everyday American cars like Studebaker, Nash and Oldsmobile are orphaned rides that are quickly becoming extinct… until now.

    Italian businessman Nicola Bulgari has created the “NB Center for American Automotive Heritage”, an institution dedicated to preserving the beauty of the cars that put America on wheels from the early 1920’s to the late 1950’s.

    I've had the privilege of working with the filmmaking team at CarCulture.TV on this video and would love to see the NB center, and the film team get the love they deserve for such tremendous efforts to preserve forgotten automotive history.

    For more videos and car culture check out www.CarCulture.TV

    Thanks for watching!
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  2. pbr400

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    If it’s not spam, why’d you post it three times?
  3. Cal87

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    My apologies, I'm new to forum posting and just wanted to share this video with other enthusiasts. I posted to multiple forums because they're all relevant topics for the video and I didn't know which one would be best. I also didn't know that users could se the same post across multiple forum rooms. Won't happen again. 1 video at a time from now on.
  4. Brad Conley

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    The Mr. Nicola Bulgari that is mentioned is a very successful businessman and collector of Buicks and in fact, hosted the Buick Club of America national meet a few years back near his US home of Allentown, PA.

    Cal87, all of our members here keep a keen eye on something new, especially if it looks like spam. We received several reports concerning your multiple posts on the same subject. Thank you for responding to those concerns of our members and, while we appreciate most anything Buick, generally one post on the subject is sufficient.

  5. Mel

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    I had seen Mr. Bulgari’s collection at the Buick Nationals and it was fabulous.
  6. Gulfgears

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    Thank you to Mr.Bulgari!
    Glad somebody is saving these old girls.

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