The Riviera needs some work before cruising Las Vegas

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by regeb, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. regeb

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    Had the Riviera boxed up in the garage for a while but time to find as much time as possible to put in some badly needed work. Started by diving under the hood and tackling that nagging head gasket and will continue to press with clearing our the bad and putting in the new. This looks like the right place to come when I hit a problem and I am sure that I will. IMG_3128.jpg IMG_4923.JPG IMG_5101.JPG IMG_0528.jpg IMG_0529.jpg
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    Welcome aboard!
    There’s nothing like replacing a head gasket in the car.
    At least it already has headers and hopefully you didn’t have to deal with any rusted, frozen, busted bolts. Looks like the stock cast pistons have some carbon build-up but not too bad. Cylinder walls look ok too.
    Good luck with it and keep us posted.

    Philip T.
  3. regeb

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    I had luck with this one considering the original heads came back from the machine shop with no cracks and a great valve job.
  4. regeb

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    Well the heads are back together and after some creative starter work and timing its ready to head to the body shop for a little rust work and full paint. Hope all goes well and the price stays low. IMG_0600.jpg IMG_0604.jpg IMG_0659.jpg IMG_0660.jpg IMG_0661.jpg IMG_0662.jpg IMG_0663.jpg
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  6. regeb

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    looking for a deep blue with metallic flake and the classic Riviera trim lines back down the sides.
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