They built Buicks in Switzerland?

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by Bad Boattail, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. Bad Boattail

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    Of course they did, over the years I've posted a lot of photos of Swiss built Buicks on this board.

    The very first car that rolled from the GM Switzerland SA production line in Bienne (French name)/Biel (German name) was a series 41 Buick, on February 5th, 1936.

    Read this interesting article about the Swiss GM operations:

    Click this photo of the first Swiss built Buick to visit website [​IMG]
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  2. Bad Boattail

    Bad Boattail Guest

    Swiss built Buicks had the H for the Flint, MI factory in their VIN.
    Here's a Swiss Body Number Plate, under the bonnet of a model year 1969 Riviera:


    All Swiss built GM cars had this logo on the grille:


    Here you can see the logo on the main building in Biel/Bienne:

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  3. Hawken

    Hawken Hawken

    GM shipped major components and assemblies of cars in crate form to various countries in the world for final assembly there. I believe that this happened commonly from the '20's through the '60's or '70's.
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  4. Bad Boattail

    Bad Boattail Guest

    In fact it was the same way that the parts were arriving from suppliers at the Buick factories in North America, but for tax reasons they came up with that "crate form" concept.
    That's also the reason behind the H for Flint in the VIN.
  5. Waterboy

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    Hey ERIK with a K, awesome enlightenment! Thank you. I did not know.
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  6. Bad Boattail

    Bad Boattail Guest

    European speedometer in kilometers in a model year 1975 Electra:

  7. 66electrafied

    66electrafied Just tossing in my nickel's worth

    That picture of the first Buick built there in 1936 looks like they're planning to bury it, not sell it. What a sombre bunch!
    If anyone has a 1966 full-size Buick speedo cluster in kilometers, I'd be interested!
  8. Bad Boattail

    Bad Boattail Guest

    Hey, they are conservative Swiss people, that's how they look on a jolly day.

    In the model year 1966 Electra it's the rectangular speedo right?
    Next month there's a big car show in Ilzach, I will keep you in mind and look for a speedo cluster in KPH.

    John's Oldtimer Teile in Bern [​IMG]
  9. 66electrafied

    66electrafied Just tossing in my nickel's worth

    Yes, it looks like this...
    Picture 022.jpg

    The whole cluster has idiot lights on the left, fuel gauge and the clock to the right. The "glass" is concave narrow at the top, wide on the bottom.
  10. Hawken

    Hawken Hawken

    These are beautiful cars.
  11. Premier 350

    Premier 350 Chris (aka Webby)

    We assembled Buicks here in Australia too. Last ones were in 1948.

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