Things you have to do when you go pro touring and have a girdle.....

Discussion in 'Pro-Touring' started by real82it, Jul 21, 2016.

  1. real82it

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    Making and driving a non adjustable pro touring car is not without its' challenges. Be prepared for some work.....

    I try to drive my car a fair amount.....if I could do over again I think I would go with an air ride system so I could raise it up for daily driving....FWIW.

    My car is lowered about 2 inches. When I rebuilt the engine last year I decided to install a girdle because I would be pushing over 600hp with the nitrous......


    Prior to the rebuild I had to replace my long tube headers with shorties and make a custom exhaust for clearance.

    Now I discovered the clearance challenges with the lowered oil pan due to the girdle and the lowered suspension.....I put a nice dent in the oil pan. I decided to make a skid plate. If you have a lowered car and are considering a girdle motor....understand there is risk to the pan.....



    I also had one of Dwains front spoilers installed. It is big. It hung low. I was scraping it up. I decided to take my old ABS spoiler. Cut it up, and rebuild it with fiberglass and filler. It is now 1 inch shorter and sits back about 1 inch giving me more clearance.


  2. tdacton

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    Eric, what do you think about the "portable" lift system I see in use?
  3. real82it

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    That's not a portable lift. It is a Nussbaum jumbo lift.

    4 inches tall.....will lift a car 6 1/2 feet in the air. They are popular in Europe due to space limitations. I really like it......but I got an amazing deal on it. They are about $7000 new......but I found it used locally for $600 bucks! Easily one of the best deals I have gotten in my life....

    The only drawback I have found is that it doesn't fit all vehicle frames. I installed it to perfectly fit the A body frame. F body is ok to. But.....My friends jeep could not lift on the frame without damaging undercarriage components. And my friends T Bucket......well......forget about it.

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  4. No Lift

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    Eric, I'm wondering what wheels you're running there. They look similar to my Showwheels but they only come in 17's. I was wondering if yours come in 18's?

    I can fully understand the need for a girdle with nitrous on a 455. Back in the 80's I took out a few blocks using it including dropping an entire crankshaft into the oil pan! It's the usual though, change one thing and it leads to another needed change.
  5. Anarchy99

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    I have a similar lift, but it doesn't go nearly as high... I do love the looks of those wheels.
  6. Steve Reynolds

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    Nice looking car..... love the lowered look, plus the look of a GSX is tough to beat!

    Don't forget that you have options when it comes to the oil pan. My aluminum "girdled" oil pans are shallower to make up for the 1" girdle. Plus you can have one built to any dimensions you would like or even have "kick outs" on the rear sump for extra oil capacity. You could even have had your stock steel oil pan shortened and widened to fit and still tuck up flush or slightly higher than the cross member.

    Enjoy the car!!

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