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  1. Xamot

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    Hello all,

    Been forever and a week since I've been in here.
    Here's the skinny.....
    After several aborted attempts at buying a Gbody Buick or Pontiac, I finally have a car in my sites. 86 Regal with a 3.8, TH200 and needing some serious tlc.
    I'm facing the decision of keeping and boosting the NA 6 that's in it, or dropping a 350 in it.
    Now, I've searched around the NW Kentucky area, and SBB are gold plated unicorns. So that's issue #1, finding an engine and then trying to figure out if the price is reasonable. Advice here would be greatly appreciated.

    I started reading any info I could find on the operation it self, and have come up with the following info. Please pardon and correct me if the info is wrong and/or missing.
    Mounts from the V6 work fine, frame pads will need to be changed.
    The radiator will have to be swapped out for a 3 core at least, aluminum preferred.
    New fuel lines are needed.
    Headers are available, but may need to be "massaged".
    Stock exhaust manifolds work, but for either to have duels, a new trans support will be needed.
    Anything else that I may need is info I currently don't have yet.
    I am however aware that the TH200 won't last especially if driven hard.
    A 200r4 from a turbo Buick will be the trans I end up with.
    Thanks all, any and all suggestions, advice or directions for parts sourcing is appreciated.

  2. 1987Regal

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    I have done this swap in my regal and what I have is: use the v6 frame pads and engine mounts, v8 radiator (I currently have the champion 2 row which I would not buy again because each tube is 3/4 wide not 1"inch you loose 1/2 inch of cool per row times the amount of rows to make up the radiator and the trans cooler holes/threads leak on mine), you will need to notch the heater box to fit and have space for engine rocking, headers can fit BUT the passenger side needs to be cut and modded and the driver side I dented for engine mount, and for my colum shift linkage, 4 years no problems but the headers take time to fit you may want to use matifolds to get it running quicker, v8 front springs so the front end doesn't sag, wiring is the same long as you use hei distributor, I cut and got ride of wires not being used for cleaner look. A lot of people don't do ac, but I did and it does work but takes time and money for custom hose. Also all your accessory brackets off your v6 will work a long with you pulleys, you will need to convert metric bolts to standard for buick 350 and you use the v6 brackets and pulleys be sure you use 3.8 water pump otherwise pulleys will not line up correctly. I used a modified (I cut and spliced it to fit by frame, a flex hose does work) bottom radiator hose for 3.8. The top hose I ordered from summit racing for a 1970 gs with 350, it fits like it was ment to. I have pictures of my car in the garage section, they are old, I try to take some fresh ones on how it looks now. If I forgot something, I'll post it or someone else will pipe in to help out. There is a lot of info on the forms and people to help. Thanks Josh
  3. Leviathan

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    TH200: Not worth it for the 350 IMHO due to low torque. Go for a posi rear instead. The crossmember actually helps launch and cornering.

    Rad: 3 core copper or 2 core AL. I prefer the latter myself. Add the air dam below the rad mount for an extra 10* of cooling

    Suspension: Often overlooked but is easy performance for pennies. Add the jounce bars, lower and stiffer springs (you have to anyhow if going v6 to v8)

    Weight: Bumper supports, frame mounts, insulation, battery moved to trunk are free piles of fast.

    Air: G-bodys trap engine heat badly. Go for a ram air box if you can, or at least open up the cowl a bit by removing the firewall-hood trim. of luck with the project!
  4. 1987Regal

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    This is the under hood of my 84' buick regal with the buick 350 swap. I also used the TH350 that came with the engine. But I wished I would have used a good/rebuilt 200R4. Overdrive is nice for the long haul trips and it would have a bit more low end than the th350. I have heard if you use a 200R4 from some low powered cars, the trans is weaker, shift softer, and not as much low end torque. I could be wrong just do some more reading. By the way the clamps in pictures are battery tender.Thanks Josh

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    Don't settle for something that your going to throw a lot of time and money in. Serious TLC does not sound good! Plain jane Regals are not pulling good money and I would reconsider and find that special car.

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