Thrashing for Stanton.

Discussion in 'The "Pure" Stockers' started by Dave H, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. cjfordman

    cjfordman 60 ft specialist

    There's no place like home for working on your ride .Looks good .:3gears:
  2. 51 Chicken Hawk

    51 Chicken Hawk Well-Known Member

    Ahhhh, to be young again and work that fast. BUT, I was NEVER that fast.
  3. fjr340gts

    fjr340gts Grocery Getter

    Looks good Donny~ I think you still have time to pull the 327 and go thru it before PSMCDR. :cool:
  4. Donny Brass

    Donny Brass 12 Second Club Member


    lots of cleaning got done today, and started trimming.............


  5. titanium

    titanium Well-Known Member

    Looks Great Donny!!!
  6. Donny Brass

    Donny Brass 12 Second Club Member

    Finally got some time to work on the car...... doors are fully assembled, clean up and front end is scheduled for tomorrow.



    sooner or later I am going to have to make sure it starts :)
  7. Tim Clary

    Tim Clary Well-Known Member

  8. Tom Miller

    Tom Miller Loch Ness Monster

    One junk Buick wiring problem fixed....CHECK
    One junk trailer wiring problem fixed....CHECK
    One junk 2011 Ram leaking 3rd brake light seal fixed.....hopefully today:rolleyes: You would think they could build a new vehicle that doesn't take on water like the Titanic:af:
  9. Tim Clary

    Tim Clary Well-Known Member

    Atleast you have your Clothes...... :laugh:
  10. Chris Jones

    Chris Jones Pit bicycles rule!

    Just be glad your basement doesn't take on water like the Titanic.
    I was gonna show up w/more gear in the Cobra until that happened.

    Lookin good, Donny.
  11. Jeremy McNicol

    Jeremy McNicol We had a good time

    Green car wants a new starter
    Blue car loaded
    Check truck over
    Can't wait
  12. Donny Brass

    Donny Brass 12 Second Club Member

    the vette decided to spit out a freeze plug........... under the motor mount.

  13. Ryan 1969 Cheve

    Ryan 1969 Cheve Well-Known Member

    Do you have to pull the engine or can you jack it up bit unbolt the mount and change it in place?

  14. Tom Miller

    Tom Miller Loch Ness Monster

    Murphy's's never going to spit out one that is easy to get to.:rolleyes:
    Hey, at least the paint is shiny:TU:
  15. SmallHurst

    SmallHurst The Polyglas Pimp!

    Car fired right up after sleeping since last November. New mufflers going on this morning. Pulled the trailer home, lights work, hitch to trailer last night, clearance light don't work, except 1. See how quick I can get this fixed! The mufflers truly gave up the ghost last night!

    Can't wait to get to the track and I can't wait to see everyone!!!
  16. Donny Brass

    Donny Brass 12 Second Club Member

    Good to hear Rusty.............

    now, can someone tell me how in the hell you lose a window crank ?
  17. Tim Clary

    Tim Clary Well-Known Member

    Well first you have to take it off, then you set it aside in a place you won't forget it.
    Step 2... go to retrieve said part... Hmmm where WAS that safe place I put it :Do No:
  18. LON

    LON Well-Known Member

    I'll start the thrash tomorrow! Why not sooner? Still putting hay in the barn. Finished off the last 2 wagon loads this evening. Got 15 gallons of VP race fuel this evening though. Have to unpack the trailer that my nephew loaded up (and is too lazy to unload) and check it over. Need to fix the pesky lt side exhaust leak. Need to go over brakes. Swap tires front to back. Clean the thing up. Oh shoot, was gonna build a better driveshaft loop. Need to put in an overflow bottle. Change plugs. Oh, and still put in 12hr days at shop and catch my Collin's soccer game on Thursday night. Nah, not too bad of a work load.:eek2:
  19. Brian Stefina

    Brian Stefina Well-Known Member

    My Willys coupe spit a freeze plug at about 1000'. Went 11.34 @ 103 using the entire lane. :laugh: So yes, at least you still have your clothes. :laugh: (running group joke)

    You know those rubber core plugs really do work, considering the timeline.
  20. Donny Brass

    Donny Brass 12 Second Club Member

    I am on it


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