Tips on Heater Core

Discussion in 'The Big Chill' started by 68Rivi_In_Cali, Nov 10, 2017.

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    Had big issues with 68 sky daily driver. Put a rad from defective return pile from auto parts store where I work. Not as wide as orig Had to have overflow tube r brazed on.After a couple weeks smelled antifreeze. Then windows got film on it. So now preparing to tackle core. This strap method I'm thinking it was going to encircle well or just tie lower opposite attachment points and basically squeeze well?
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    When I used the strap, I used the lower rear outer attach hole near the rocker and the hole at the bottom rear of the inner fender near the a-arm cutout, and did the "squeeze".

    I used a fender bolt and washer on the inner hole when I put it back in. (since it was there)
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    Only had 2 or 3 bolts left on well behind chrome trim having removed them then bolts over head on well splash guard( plastic eyebrow) next to frame and started pushing the whole thing around. Having little success. I wrapped strap around well at a arm cutout and about half way up wheel well and tightened. Just working well past fender attachment points one at a time starting from bottom.. When I could see blower motor I started more aggressive pushing and pryiing against well. Finally lowering it where I could see the bolt always hidden from view. Started jam wood in gap and took blower motor out
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    Thanks to everyone for there help tomorrow ill lay under dash and go from there
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    Get some safety glasses from the hardware store. About $5 and will keep all that crap from getting in your eyes.

    Lots of dust, insulation material and who knows will fall in your face.
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    The only way I can see anything us with safety glasses with a couple points magnification. Don't know for sure but I thunk maybe console harness should have been behind heater box

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