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Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by 36racin, Dec 13, 2017.

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    72 Suncoupe NOT in original 53A Cortez Gold color. Car was repainted by PO in the early 80's. I am replacing old worn out weather stripping with new Metro ones. Found that the PO did not remove weather stripping to paint car. Now I'm thinking if the new ones aren't close to the original I will see gold paint around the weather stripping. So I'd like to do some door jamb touchup. Any chance I can match 30+ year old paint? Car was kept indoors by PO so exterior paint looks good. If I can get to match I have a few spots on the exterior I may attempt to touch up.

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    If you want it to match, your best bet is to take a sample part to an auto paint supply and have them scan it and mix up some paint for you.
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    I'm told some paint suppliers have portable scanners that can be use to come up with the paint codes...Anyone have any experience with this?
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    Spoke to the local paint supplier this past week. They have the scanner to be able to attempt a match. Also discussed with my brother over the holidays. He suggested just repainting the jambs, trunk and hood areas needing repaired. I already had some areas outside of the weatherstripping areas that needed touch ups. I'll discuss with the guy doing the work and go from there. On another note I have two quarter/half dollar sized rot spots that need fixing. I know attempting to fix those areas now will end up snow balling to larger areas. Can I kill the rot somehow for now?
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    Red can be tough to match, there are so many subtle variations..... just ask the paint store for some color chips and try to match.... you'll see what I mean, it's very difficult. Scanning a sample is the first step, spaying a sample with the new paint needs to be done next to see how it really looks.

    There are rust converters out there that will treat rust and stop or slow it down. Even a basic phosphoric acid will neutralize it somewhat and form a protective coating. The old Navel Jelly is an example. Or Evapo-rust will dissolve rust, then you can prime it.

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