Two minutes of silence: Remembrance of the Dead in The Netherlands

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    Today in 1945 it was the last day of WWII in the Netherlands.

    In about 45 minutes from now (at 8 PM or 20:00 hrs GMT+1) the whole country will come to a (almost) complete stand-still for two minutes of silence to commemorate all civilians and members of the armed forces of the Kingdom of the Netherlands who have died in wars or peacekeeping missions since the beginning of the Second World War.

    Trains will stop on the tracks, no landing or take-off on airports, people will park their cars and stop driving.

    The king and queen are attending a big ceremony in the heart of Amsterdam at the Dam square.

    Tomorrow it's Liberation Day, which is a National Holiday with a lot of Liberation Festivals all over the country.

    (in English)

    The Netherlands will go quiet on May 4 for two minutes – here is why. [​IMG]
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    At the 1:15 time mark it's 8 PM May 4th in 2015.
    Footage from Schiphol airport in the greater Amsterdam area:

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    BUICKRAT Torque Rules!

    Amazing! Patriotism at its finest!
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    It's already the 5th of May here now, time to celebrate the official liberation of The Netherlands in a few hours from now.

    Free music festivals everywhere and parades of old military vehicles, here's some footage from last year, with a lot of American vehicles:

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    City of The Hague.
    The little boy in the front seat of the vehicle that you see in the last few seconds of the video is throwing chewing gum and chocolate at the people along the route, just like the Canadian and US soldiers did 74 years ago.

    My mother told me that at Liberation Day it was the first time in her life that she saw chewing gum.

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  6. gsfred

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    That's SUPER. Sure wish the USA could do something like that. There is little respect for those that sacrificed for our country.
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    Liberation Festival in the city of Wageningen, close to Arnhem (from the movie "A bridge too far")

    In Wageningen the Germans officially surrendered to the Allied Forces on May 5th 1945.

    Tradition has it that at the end of the Second Worl War, the German forces in the Netherlands surrendered to the Allied Forces on May 5, 1945 in hotel De Wereld (‘The World’) in Wageningen.
    That is why every year on May 5 we have the Liberation Festival.
    To celebrate freedom.

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  9. BillA

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    Awesome. I was stationed in the Netherlands for two years back in the 80's. I fell in love with the country and would like to go back someday. I just hope it hasn't changed too much.
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    Bill, where you stationed in Soesterberg?
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    Do people in the Low Countries remember Herbert Hoover?
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    I only know his name, and that he was a president of the US, because I took this photo.
    I don't think many people in The Netherlands know who he was, because nobody I asked where the name Hoover Dam came from knew the correct answer:

  13. bw1339

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    Herbert Hoover was the Steve Jobs of the early 20th century, except that he made his fortune in the mining industry, working all over the world.

    During WWI, he organized a food relief effort that fed many millions in Belgium (The Netherlands were neutral), France and several central European countries. One world war later, during the Truman administration, he did the same thing again.
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    I this country students would throw a temper tantrum if we did that here.
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    Not all students, I certainly wouldn't, just those that don't care to inform themselves about the history and sacrifices that made.
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    Fixed it just for you! haha I didn't realize how crazy long it was!
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  18. Bad Boattail

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    I think you mean The Netherlands.
    Referring to just Holland is like saying New England when you mean the entire USA [​IMG]
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    Saw a street scene video the other day and it was breathtaking how everyone just froze in place

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