Want nice original garaged 71-73 boat tail Riviera or 74 Riviera Stage 1

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    Hello my name is John W. I live in N.J. I own a 1974 Buick Riviera GS Stage 1 model. This is the last Riviera that exists with the "Air Cushion Restraint System" in it which are airbags left & right just like today's cars. Unless your car has airbags in it I have the last one. I have the original bill of sale, build sheet, recall notice and all manuals that the car came with. The car was built in Flint on 2/26/74 but she was not sold until 7/8/76 for the first time. She was the last airbag car to be sold of the 360 made. I was able to buy a spare set of airbags from a guy on the computer. It probably was the last set out there.

    The car also has Max-Trak on it (traction control) which was made from 1971 to the second week of production and since it was a troublesome option they discontinued it. Five Rivieras came out of the factory with Max-Trak so after 43 years I have to be the last one. The car has many options on it to numerous to mention. I am looking for another car at this time. If you still have this car how much would you need to complete the sale??

    Thank you,

    John W.

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