well there is always some tinkering to do!

Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by Fl Buick, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. Fl Buick

    Fl Buick 72 350 4 gear

    This long project comes to a close and the car is back on the road.

    Many thanks to all on this Board who helped with advise, tech know how, and people willing to sell me some decent parts. All of that helped make this restoration as best it could be within my budget limits. hmmm... where did I put that budget?

    Big thanks to TimR up in the frozen north for his web site. He was about a year ahead of me when I started so his details were a perfect guide. I did take a break for several years to build another garage, pool house and pool(thats a whole other story that should be factored into my restoration).
    If your thinking about a frame off resto then it`s a "must do" to check out his site.

    George over there in Seminole county, ditto to the thanks, The Performance web site, lots of info there plus you always are quick to respond to a question with expert knowledge.

    Thanks to all,

    first pic "the car in 1983"

    now about my 67 Vert..........:Brow:

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  2. sootie007

    sootie007 65 Skylark -455 - T350

    Awesome Pete...J
  3. kick71

    kick71 Mike

    Very Nice Pete! Job well done!
  4. Lon Bauer

    Lon Bauer Well-Known Member

    I agree, very nice job!:TU: Nice color combo and options. It looked like a fairly solid car with a good underbody. Why did you go the frame off route? How long did it take you? Anymore before pics. I agree TimR and GeorgeN sites are great and full of information.
  5. Fl Buick

    Fl Buick 72 350 4 gear

    Frame off was a way to put it back as close to new as I could. Massive amounts of labor involved if you are doing everything yourself. I might sub out the body work on the next ride. that should shorten up the turn around time
    The before and after on the frame, then plunk the body down on it and no one ever sees the 100`s of hours of effort!!

    This project took close to 6 years

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  6. Hawken

    Hawken Hawken

    That is a very nice looking GS and I'm sure it is very satisfying driving it now after all the effort.
    What color is it now? Did you go back w/ the same original (it looks close to the older photo, but I can't tell for sure) color?

  7. Fl Buick

    Fl Buick 72 350 4 gear

    Ken it`s burnished copper on the paint(63) and 136 code on the inside(saddle or dk saddle) in this case "lots `o ` earth tones" for the colors.

    I was tempted to do the all so popular black intereior; however the car came with the deluxe interior (wood grain inserts and details) so I thought it all would look best with the coppery loud paint just as the BUICK artists invisioned.

    trying to get all the interior parts to match is an ongoing project.

    hey see the lamps under the front spoiler in the 1983 pic ? memory is a bit foggy on the wattage but I put those on the car because I drove home from work at 2-5 in the morning(AM)
    a million watts to light my way,they would burn the grass if I did not park on the concrete.
  8. Steve Craig

    Steve Craig Gold Level Contributor

    Wonderful looking car you have there. I'm really impressed with the effort you took to get it back to factory.
    Folks here will understand but those outside will never appreciate the work involved in your project.
    My hat is off to you!

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