what condition would you say describes these poverty caps?

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by GranSportSedan, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. GranSportSedan

    GranSportSedan professional irritator

    just like the title says.. what shape are these considered to be in? Umm asking for a friend. :)

    poverty cap2.jpg poverty caps.jpg poverty caps1.jpg
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  2. sriley531

    sriley531 More Luck than Skill....

    Piss poor. So bad in fact, I'll give you $100 to take them off your hands so you no longer have to deal with the eyesores!! :D;)

    I'm.lookimg on my little phone screen so it's tough to tell, but I don't see and splits or dents, so I'd say super nice cruise night to show quality by my unofficial standards. But again, I can't see in detail. The super clean backs make me think its more toward the show grade though, they look fantastic!

    And the offer stands....:p haha
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  3. Mike B in SC

    Mike B in SC Well-Known Member

    I agree with Shawn and I'll give $105 for them!
  4. GranSportSedan

    GranSportSedan professional irritator

    I will inform"my friend" of your offers. :)
  5. 70staged

    70staged Well-Known Member

    Well I will give just a little more than the both of you. $150 final offer.

    Actually they aren't show pieces, think I see a very minor blemish in a couple, but don't see a dent or anything. So I would actually label them a little above driver quality.

    Of coarse I'm not referring to Jason Cook's driver beater either
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  6. Nailhead Ronnie

    Nailhead Ronnie Well-Known Member

  7. buick64203

    buick64203 Buick Hunter Staff Member

    What shape are they in? That depends....It depends if I own them or your friend owns them! :D

    But seriously....damn Bob, they look near NOS to me. The backsides are clean as a whistle.
  8. GranSportSedan

    GranSportSedan professional irritator

    Well they have been sealed up in a box for a number of years just like the rest of my parts. I mean my friends parts
  9. Jim Rodgers

    Jim Rodgers Well-Known Member

    Excellent driver, near nos.
  10. David G

    David G de-modded....

    My question would be, if they are really near-nos condition, it seems you wouldn't be asking here what WE think the condition is? How about telling us what you see as far as any defects? Pictures hardly ever show good enough detail to make finer determinations.

    If this were an auction site... I'd bump it to $155 :)
  11. ajesh35

    ajesh35 Well-Known Member

    Bump 195
  12. 65Larkin

    65Larkin Well-Known Member

    Judging by the comments so far they look like your "freind " won't need to start a thread in the parts for sale section
  13. StagedCat

    StagedCat Platinum Level Contributor

    They barely look good enough to catch drips under car. I'll offer $200, much more than the scrap man will give you......
  14. GranSportSedan

    GranSportSedan professional irritator

    The reason I ask what condition these would be considered is because I have seen extremely nice ones called driver and then I have seen what I would classify as average ones called very nice. And at this point I have not offered them up for sale.
  15. Nailhead

    Nailhead Gold Level Contributor

    Years ago I had several sets that were dealer take-offs when customer wanted full wheel covers, and they looked like yours: clean front and back with black paint in excellent condition and no road rash.
  16. wkillgs

    wkillgs Gold Level Contributor

    'Excellent used', or 'near new'.
    You would need to better describe the condition of the chrome since the pics can't show it well enough.... whether there are micro scratches from cleaning/polishing, spider-web cracks, spotting, or fading.
    Were these made of chromed stainless?

    The term 'driver quality' is useless as it can apply to something that varies from rat-rod quality to something that is just below concours-show quality.
  17. TurboV6

    TurboV6 Platinum Level Contributor

    I would venture to say they look pretty dang near new. Venture to say that the person who sold them to you would probably buy them back
  18. superlark

    superlark Ruthy

    Haha! Price keeps going UP UP UP. And condition down, down, down...

    Those are sweeeeet
  19. David G

    David G de-modded....

    Show a used item to 5 different individuals and you will get 3-4 different responses to the question. Yes, they look nice in the pictures, but countless members here have been fooled by good pictures of used parts only to be disappointed in what they ended up with in their hands. One man's treasure is another man's junk. That's all I'm saying, really.

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