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Discussion in 'Race car chassis tech' started by Briz, May 7, 2018.

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    The Regal has a 9" and ladder bar rear suspension. Its old. the coil over shocks are old. The bushings dried out and I replaced with heim joints. Something is moving around back there and Im not sure what it is but nearly positive its why I couldnt hook up at Farmington last weekend. The one good run I got still felt like it spun a little and that was a 1.36 60' and 6.38 at the top end. When I backed it off the trailer I heard a slight squeak in the back. Later I looked and saw rub marks on the inside of the rear tires and a shinny spot in one spot of the frame where the R tire was rubbing on the inside of the tread (slick) area. To hit this the tire had to move over an inch rearward. I know the input is going to be all over the board on this and without having the car up in the air for any of you to see in person will be nearly impossible to pin point the problem. The car its self is not worth putting a bunch of money into it.
    Also on my last run it didnt hit 3rd with the air shifter and when I backed off the trailer yesterday I noticed the spring in the cheatah was broken and hanging off. Least that will be an easy fix.

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    What are you using to center the housing? When you replaced the bushings with the heims was the hardware tight in the heims?
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    Yes , Everything seems to be where it should be. I have gotten really busy with work now that the hot season is here ( HVAC tech) + we had a 10 day streak of rain and a tropical depression move through. So no dry time to get her up in the air and take a look.

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