whats up with paint prices

Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by painekiller, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. scubasteve455

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    For those who don't know Spies Hecker. it is Dupont Water borne technology. (Germans) Same paint as Dupont
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    I used Spies and Hecker BC/CC(catalyzed) on my '68 225 in about 2000, and it weren't cheap back then. Last year I used the BASF LIMCO series for the color stripe on my boat. Not really a catalyzed paint but needs hardener with it. No clear coat. The stuff still looks great and will probably use it to spot in some repairs on the Buick this winter. Right now a gallon at my supplier up here just quoted me $140-150/ gallon and if its a real bitch to match the white maybe an extra 20% for more pigment etc... ws


    The white shown here is rolled and "tipped" (stroked with a badger hair brush) with Interlux Perfections and the maroon metallic sprayed.



  3. scubasteve455

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    One of the reason why PPG prices are so HIGH. They bought ICI ( Imperial chemical Industries). And Max Myers (Italy) . For their WATERBORNE technology. You don't think PPG created that product! they bought it!

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