Where can I find on the site ?

Discussion in 'Forum Operation Technical Support' started by Devin, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. Devin

    Devin Buick guy since 1982

    I recently made a donation to the site and wondered where on the site it is shown? Also, why are there glasses in the corner of my post? At age 52, I do need help with my site, hearing and understanding. Lol. Thanks for the great site.
  2. NZ GS 400

    NZ GS 400 Gold Level Contributor

    Hi Devin,
    Glasses in the corner of the post indicates that you are "watching" that thread and will be notified with an alert when new posts are made there.

    Click on the "forums" menu and you will see that the second link there is "board supporters". The list has to be manually updated, so your donation may not be listed there for a short time--but it will be there before very long. Let me know if you need any thing else.
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  3. Devin

    Devin Buick guy since 1982

    Thanks NZ.
  4. 36racin

    36racin Platinum Level Contributor

    Put pointer on Donate above and an little arrow shows up. Click on view donations

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