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  1. Briz

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    Got a new set of STD bearings for the block I bought at BG. Started to set the bearings in place to measure before I had the crank cut. Each set has a grooved and a smooth bearing. I cant remember if the groove goes in the cap or in the block saddle? Thinking its the block side as it seems to fit better there. Another question is how tight to make the studs around the perimeter of the griddle. Know the mains go to 90 ft lb. Thinking 20 on those little studs? Last question... gasket or just RTV between the griddle and block? Thanks!
  2. Bens99gtp

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    grooved main bearing shell goes in the block.
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  3. Bens99gtp

    Bens99gtp Well-Known Member

    I think most ppl use rtv, a gasket would raise the griddle off the main caps slightly.

    I dont have the torque spec on those small studs, my paper work is in ky at the builders
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  4. Jim Weise

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    25 ft lbs on the oil pan studs. During final assembly, just put a smear of form a gasket material between the block and girdle. If it was installed correctly, your mating to machined surfaces, so it does not take much.

    The later girdles used and o-ring to seal them. They had a groove machined in the girdle.

  5. yachtsmanbill

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    Ill bet the O ring helps keep the bacon grease from sliding out between the griddle covers too hahaha... ws
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    I knew you wouldn’t miss that one Bill.:D:D
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    Thanks Pal! ;) We all know Briz knows better, but whats the point of auto spell checker when you hafta spell check THAT? :rolleyes: ws
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