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Discussion in 'Street/strip 400/430/455' started by 1966gransport, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. 1966gransport

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    Has anybody here actually ran one of these? Reports if so. Does anyone grind a cam similar? Since my childhood I have wanted to put one in my 430 that I just took out of long storage (29 years) last 4 July. Thanks for any input. Wayne
  2. hugger

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    Been running the HL version for 12years and several thousand miles in my pops 4speed car. Definitely one of the best sounding cams out there, gonna need a 3500stall or a 410 gear, does have much to offer past 5500 but from 3500 to 6000 it's pulling
  3. hugger

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    TA performance has their version , my dad's is a Reed now out of biz got it thru the GSCA ID be willing to bet someone has a KB 107 sitting on the shelf. Bullet Cams can also Grind you one 244/264 473/473 107lsa the HL is .499/499
  4. LARRY70GS

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  5. ken betts

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    Yes, I ran one in my 72 low compression Stage 1 NHRA stock eliminator car. They call it the window rattler for a reason. I only had a 3000 rpm stall SP converter and it was plenty. Check with TA performance. There are actually better cams for the street now. Also check with TA. The 107 cam doesn't work very well with power brakes but you can use a vacuum booster or reservoir. I never ran one but it needed one. Yes my car had power brakes. If you are looking for attention then that is what you want. It was hard to get someone to race you on the street with that bumpy cam and glass packs, must of thought it was a race car. Opps i did forget to take all those sponsor decals off and the 12" M&H's. BTW street racing is illegal!!!!:rolleyes: Have fun at the track!
  6. buick64203

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    I had the C107 in my 69 GS. It sounded like you were dragging garbage cans down the street. Really choppy idle. Sounded better than my 308S does in my 71. Yeah, it was hard to get someone race me back then when it sounded like Don Garlits was pulling up to the line at every stop light.
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  7. Mike B in SC

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    The sound of a BBB with a KB107, M/T SS headers, 2 1/2" exhaust w/Sonic Turbos couldn't be beat back in the eighties... Heck, it would be hard to beat today!
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  8. John Stevens

    John Stevens Well-Known Member

    Ran several of them over the years & agree with what has been said here except I prefer Flowmasters.......
  9. 1966gransport

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    Thanks for the info guys. To be honest I'm a little old to be street racing (my lawyer told me to say that). Some friends and I were always intrigued by the description of that cam. I have a TA310 now but I have been changing my build due to having to buy new pistons and have to bore my near perfect standard bore, 60K block.
    Any suggestions? I am running a four speed and manual brakes, so those are moot points.

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  10. Bluzilla

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    I ran the .473 lift version as well as the .499 lift in my Skylark back in the early 90's. I had 10.73:1, Holley 850, Original B4B, Stage One heads, M/T headers, Fully automatic TH400, 4.10 gears and ran a best of 12.101. I ran pump gas on the street with no problem...108 race fuel at the strip. I did notice it was a bit hard on my stamped steel rockers so eventually changed to T & D roller rockers. Loved that cam!!!


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  11. 1966gransport

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    Larry, thanks for that info. I currently have the TA-310 and a B4B, 10 or 10.25 forged pistons. Not sure if I will change at this time, unless somebody just happens to have a Window Rattler they just don't want...

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  12. buick64203

    buick64203 Buick Hunter Staff Member

    A little more background on the car I had that cam in. It was a Trumpet gold 69 GS-400. Paint was faded bad, vinyl top was literally in tatters. Car was rotted bad. You could see through the quarter to the other side of the car. Had the typical rotted out rear bumper to boot. Black steel wheels, black wall tires. Looked like a real junker. But under the hood was a 1970 455 with a B4B, 850 Holley, Kenne Bell headers, 3500 stall converter, glass packs and a 12 bolt with 4.10's and a Moroso Brute strength posi. Totally unassuming until you started it!

    Does anyone build Buicks like that anymore?
  13. Mike B in SC

    Mike B in SC Well-Known Member

    I sure hope so! Sounds like a fun car!
  14. Brian Albrecht

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  15. craig lacour

    craig lacour Well-Known Member

    Ran 10.97 @118 with 1.41 60' in my 71 skylark with small valve iron heads and 3:42 gears with an original KB 107 window rattler shifting at 6000.
  16. eric6659

    eric6659 Well-Known Member

    I called Mike at TA, and he custom ground one for me. He used the TA107, but added some lift so it's 490" with the stock 1.55 rockers, and I also had him grind it with 4deg. adv built in. Put in in straight up, it sounds and runs just like the original KB cams I've used in the past..
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  17. Dennis S

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    I bought my GS in 2002 . The previous owner didn't know much about the car other then when he bought it , it had 4:78 rear and a 9 or 10 inch converter. He swapped out the converter for a stock one and 3:73 gears . I reinstalled a 2500 to 2800 converter (still not enough) had the bottom of the poston 8 quart pan off ....appears to be balanced and blueprinted by marks I see. It also has t/a roller rockers but an extra older set of kenne bells that were used in a box. Edelbrock b4b , Holley 950 hp which I believe the previous owner installed also. It had less then 6 psi of vacuum with a canister . I had to add an electric vacuum pump. My take is that it was an eighties build for street strip or drag only . I never had the front of the motor off to pull or look at the cam.
    I alway thought it might be a window rattler by the sound and previous known modifications 4:78s , 9 inches converter etc.

    What do you guys think?

    Put the volume up
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  18. cjp69

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    Sounds like the combo I have in a stage 1 I bought a few months back.

    KB 107, b4b, holley carb ( I think 800/850?), wrap around the frame 2 piece hooker headers, 3000 - 3500 stall, 4.10+ gears.

    Video clip:
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  19. stevpiz

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    alas my C-107 just bit the dust, couldnt get to idle after sitting for a few years but was still doing long chirps when shifting the auto, turns out had a dead cylinder with a bent pushrod on intake and wiped cam lobe on exhaust, put it in during a rebuild in 1981 along with KB 10.5 superlite forged pistons, B4B, thermoquad, switch pitch 400, KB chrome headers, chevy 12 bolt rear with moroso brute strength with 4.88 gears, just got TA perf aluminum heads and time for some other refresh, was my first car and have it 40 years
  20. stevpiz

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