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    I took out the original windshield and back glass and they still have residual butyl and residue on them and I was wondering how to clean it off to make it like new.

    It also has a lot of wiper scrub on the front windshield so how do I get that off?

    And to set it, I lay down the butyl in the channel, place the blocks under the windshield where they need to go, place the windshield, and wait (for how long?) right?

    I have a lot of pitting in the rear channel. I'm going to wire wheel it clean of rust, weld in a new patch where part of the channel is rusted through (what gauge steel is the body?), and then would I need to body filler it flat? or could I just lay the butyl over the freshly cleaned and primed pitted steel? Would the butyl tape pliability just fill in the holes?

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    Use a putty knife to remove most of the butyl tape residue.
    Use Mineral Spirits to dissolve all the leftover tape.....use a rag and keep changing them as they get caked up.

    Weld in your patch so it is seamless...then grind smooth. Use phosphoric acid to treat the metal surface overnight, next day, brush away chalky residue and wipe clean with lacquer thinner. Prime and paint the surface

    Let it dry for a day and then use butyl tape as you stated....leave the blocks in place...prevents the glass from creeping.

    Press the glass against the tape and you are done.

    As for wiper scrub, not worth your time if the scratches are deep, a new windhshield is only $90 from Safelite.

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