Woodward Dream Cruise

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    Amyone going to the Woodward Dream Cruise? It is August 18th in Detroit. Great car show. Could be as many as 60,000 cars. I am going and got a tour lined up for the Milford Proving Grounds. I am very excited to to check out GMs latest and greatest.
  2. Guy Parquette

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    We are going. Booked hotel room. Will be displayed at "Buicks Back To The Bricks". Along with Pat Sweeny's Stg2 car.
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    Great! I will look you up.
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    The Wood Ward Dream cruise and Back to the Bricks are two different main events held the same day.

    Wood Ward Dream Cruise is from Pontiac Michigan down Wood Ward to Detroit area.

    Back to the bricks is held in Flint Mi. there is a Two week gala leading up to Saturday the 18th.
    This week startes the tune up cruises Monday (today) evening is Davison Mi, Clio is Tuesday., Linden is Wednesday ,Fenton is Thursday, Swarts Creek and Flushing is Friday and Saturday is Mont Morris and Beecher.

    Then a week of rest, till the week ending on the 18th a rolling cruise a couple days from Flint to Grand Blanc, a drive in movie with a car theme movie.


    We will have our LeSabre at the Durand factory 1 parking lot off water street the 18th.


    This beautiful 1941 best in show at Saturdays Goodrich mi Show will be there he told me too.


    I believe this 225 will also be there.


    :D Al
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