Worst color possible 54 Skylark

Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by My3Buicks, Aug 26, 2019.

  1. My3Buicks

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  2. dynaflow

    dynaflow shiftless...

    ...peachey-beige,:eek: but those were the Eisenhower years...yawn...
  3. My3Buicks

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    Casino Beige is just that - beige, no peach, just blah putty beige
  4. TrunkMonkey

    TrunkMonkey Well-Known Member

    But if you scratched it, you could put a band-aid on it and drive on! :D
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  5. hugger

    hugger Well-Known Member

    Beautiful car regardless
  6. PCUB


    If you were looking for an "in your face color" and had the coin to afford this ride back in 1954 , this wouldn't be it.... I'm guessing the black and red combos stood out much more. BUT, if the buyer wanted a classy "mellow" paint job with a rich contrasting interior...this would have fit the bill for a buyer when looking at the trends of cars back in the mid to late fifties. I rather like it but again its not for everyone and I'm sure GM had the buyers already with the futuristic design of this car (Harley Earl special). Today I see a lot of white and silver cars...seem pretty blah to me , but what do I know.
  7. Wildcat GS

    Wildcat GS Wildcat GS

    This color combo became very popular in the mid-sixties so someone must have liked it. My guess is, it was a "ladies" color...
    Tom Mooney
  8. Donuts & Peelouts

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