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Discussion in 'Lost and Found' started by RCKIII, Oct 16, 2013.


    RCKIII Platinum Level Contributor

    I was taking out my gas tank to have it cleaned out and checked when I found what I thought was My Production Order Body- Final Document from the factory. Man I was so excited to find a piece of history that had survived 44 years on top of that gas tank!............until I looked at the Vin, they print the last 8 in the lower right hand corner under "VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION" it reads 0H135214 I'm thinking that does not look right. By this time it's 11:00 at night so I go out to the car with my flashlight and I can't believe what I'm seeing. I swear I looked at the vin on my car under the windshield at different angles, got a toothbrush out and cleaned off the vin tag, for a half hour until I was convinced I was reading mine right 446670H135217 last digit off by 3!!!!!! By now I am totally confused, what happened in 1969? So I calm down and look at the rest of the document, under "MODEL" is printed "SERIES" 44 "STYLE" 37 I could not believe it, the sheet doesn't even belong in this car.So I'm assuming way back on Sept. 30 1969 (the build date printed on this paper) somebody made a boo boo.Gotta love the Guys and Gals that built these beautiful cars back then and now,I can't think of a better way to spend my free time.; So if someone out there is driving a 1970 Skylark Custom 2 Dr. Hardtop Coupe VIN # 444370H135217 I got your Pro Sheet and I would be happy to send it to you free of charge, and if you have mine I want it back!
  2. taf44667

    taf44667 69 Vert 4-Speed

    Yep, not much Quality Control back then. Mine is off 4 cars I think. I had it decoded and it's for a GS350 Hardtop and I have a GS400 Convertible?

  3. Duane

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    That was real common back then. All the gastanks were the same (except for the Calif cars), so I guess the guy on the line didn't worry about getting the correct tank in the right car.
  4. JCP

    JCP Well-Known Member

    My sheet was off by one number.
  5. robs71redriv

    robs71redriv robs71redriv

    The sheets were used for the build - and trash afterwards, were just left behind some times non (location in car varies as does numebr from plants, not many get found in upper series cars the supervisors must have watched more closly for the trash removal) - more than one or for a couple cars - or like hear different cars gets found - its just hit and miss maybe there should be a sticky were people could list VINs found and get them to owners of the right cars.
  6. 8587GN

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    mines 6 vin numbers off
  7. GS Jim

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    That's Right Guy's, Keep it up. Keep ragging on us Shop Rats. You do YOUR Job perfect Every Time. Hey, I worked on the Line back in '69. Building Riv's. I was only there for Eight days and got Fired for not being able to keep up. Eight different jobs every day and I cant keep up? I kept up with them for Seven Days. You learn a Job in Eight Hours and keep up. One car a Minute. Sure as Hell glad I got Out of there. But then again it might have been me. The Boss was on my ass so I told Him finally to Him to go have intercourse with Himself. That Might have had something to do with it. I'm not quite sure. But they finally saw the Light and put Me on Skilled Trades. :Dou: But after a FEW Years I was told I was the Best Tinner they ever had. :Dou: :Dou: I was good tho. So keep it up Man. SOME of Us deserve it!!

    PONCH :moonu:
  8. 69GS400s

    69GS400s ...my own amusement ride!

    So Ponch - were they supposed to go in the car ? was that what was taught to do .. or was it simply a way of trash disposal putting them in the car ?
  9. GS Jim

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    We called them a Manifest. They were hung on the front stabilizer bar with a piece of tape. They were supposed to be torn off before they went to the Body drop area. Most of the Manifests found in the Rear Seat Springs are from Fisher Body. They are the People who made the Body and shipped it to Buick. Also my dates are wrong. No big deal. Hired in in '68 working on '69 Rivs. I f someone finds a lunch bag under the front seat it's mine. I tried to find a nice One to eat in. I didn't leave any crumbs tho. I knew it was gonna be someones car. I respected that at least.

  10. Matt Knutson

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    I guess this was a common occurrence, as, I recently removed the fuel tank from my '70 Skylark convert. I was pleased to find a fairly nice POB-F taped to the tank. A quick inspection reveals that this document belongs to a Skylark Custom hard top. The serial number is gone so I can't really offer it up to anyone to check if it belongs to their car.

  11. copperheadgs1

    copperheadgs1 copperheadgs1

    How would a Fisher build sheet have made it under the sound deadener before it got cooked like in my old 71 GS?

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