WTB 1970 - 1972 GS 455 convertible

Discussion in 'Cars wanted' started by Cutlass, May 17, 2018.

  1. Cutlass

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    I am looking for a 1970-72 Convertible GS455. Should be automatic, no stick. First choice are matching #-cars, but I also will consider well crafted clones/tribute-cars.

    Vehicle condition somewhere in between:
    NO. 2: FINE
    Well-restored or a combination of superior restoration and excellent original; also, an extremely well-maintained original showing very minimal wear.
    NO. 3: VERY GOOD
    Completely operable original or “older restoration” showing wear; also, a good amateur restoration, all presentable and serviceable inside and out. Plus combinations of well-done restoration and good operable components or a partially restored car with all parts necessary to complete and/or valuable NOS parts.

    Thank you,
  2. 70staged

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    There is a 71 GS455 convertible for sale in the cars for sale section. It is kind of partially restored but more of a project.
  3. flynbuick

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  4. Cutlass

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    Thank you guys for your support. I had my eye on the 1970 "former wallypep Buick" since he posted the ebay link in this forum. Now it is mine and will be shipped to Germany. I am pretty excited about it. Once the car is here I am sure that I will be engaged some more in this forum.
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