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Discussion in 'Cars wanted' started by Crawlin, May 30, 2020.

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    Looking for a street/strip type car.70-72 GS. Prefer cars that are still mostly all steel, single colors unless stripes, NO aluminum dash, and prefer stock suspension type cars not ladder bars or prostreet setups. Camaro is finished and thats mostly street so wanted fun at the track. Prefer something with a rollbar/cage.

    Just streetable enough as an ice cream stand cruiser. Not looking to do drag week or cruise it on freeway.

    Saw a couple cars listed in past but last posts in 2019 so figured Id post a WTB ad

    ~$40k +\- budget area

    I am in WI but can travel
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  2. BuickGSrules

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    Contact Gary Paine - Greatscat here on board - I think he could be up for Selling his 71 GS with procharged motor. 10’s with very low boost and 100% streetable. Very nice and well built car. He still has matching motor/trans too.
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  4. 1972 Stage 1

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    B669381E-E29A-45FE-82C8-1D91F7B650D4.jpeg 52E13CE4-8B9B-435C-AD5D-59FB7A907FE5.jpeg 90B6739F-2361-4F22-BB6B-702D0C8D15BC.jpeg DAAAEEF3-E16F-4033-A7FD-30A7A6CDDA56.jpeg 8768EAC7-1D3E-499A-90D8-0E639197F924.jpeg E38957A4-B1C1-4239-BA82-7DB753336EC7.jpeg

    Would you be interested in a 70 Skylark, or are you looking for a GS only?

    I think I’m ready to sell my street/strip car. 59,000 miles, 462” TA Stage 2 aluminum heads with KB Wildcat intake, TA 308s solid cam, JE pistons, GRP aluminum rods, TA 9 qt. oil pan. TH400 with reverse manual valve body and factory column shifter with a Jim Weise 9.5” Stage 2 converter. 12 bolt rear with Moiser axles, spool, 4.10 gears. Original Desert Gold paint with white painted top and all original bench seat interior. Stage 2 scoop on 71/72 Skylark hood and original factory 70 Skylark hood included. Hoiser 30x9’s on Weld Draglites plus Mickey Thompson drag radials and Buick rally wheels included. Street legal, but no roll bar (hated to cut original carpet/floor pans). Stock front suspension with factory disc brakes, no-hop bars and solid lower control arms and air bags in rear. Best E.T. to date is 10.71 @ 126. No rust, no accidents ever. Original window sticker, POP, owners manual/docs included.

    $22,500 if interested.
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    MARTIN FARMER Well-Known Member

    Don't forget, the CUSTOM
    was the "Top of the Line"
    A Body Buick!!
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    Would be hard pressed to find a better car for the money than Jame's car
  8. 71GS455

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    You could check with MarkO, if it doesn't have to be a factory GS: http://www.v8buick.com/index.php?threads/molearys-1970-buick-skylark-street-sleeper.315998/
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    Thanks for all the links everyone. Definitely a number of options.

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