WTB: tank sending unit for 67 LeSabre

Discussion in 'Parts wanted' started by colonel, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. colonel

    colonel Speedjunky

    I guess my tank sending unit is shot as it sometimes reads fuel and sometimes does not. Yes, I checked the grounds and yes, I belive the gauge itself is ok.

    I already looked @ RA, Summit, Fleabay and a couple other sites, no luck so far. Summit even stated they don´t stock it.

    Any idea where to look or what other model used the same part? 1967 Lesabre 400 Custom Convertible w/340 cui AT

    BTW: Need one for my 72 Olds 98 w/455 cui AT as well.
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  2. flynbuick

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  3. colonel

    colonel Speedjunky

    Thx Jim
  4. BuickGS65

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  5. 1969RIVI

    1969RIVI Well-Known Member

    X2 on Tri Starr I had 2 rebuilt (1 for use other for spare/sell) for my 69 Riv. Dan does great work!
  6. colonel

    colonel Speedjunky

    I saw the *bay item before, but seems to be a different style, so I refrained from ordering. I haven´t had mine out yet, so nothing to compare with.

    I inquired about pricing with TriStar and wait for reply. Does anyone have a ballpark figure?
  7. 1969RIVI

    1969RIVI Well-Known Member

    I paid $175 per unit plus shipping. Once he receives it he will look it over first and call you before he starts any work to let you know what needs to be done. A new fuel pump is NOT included in that price.
  8. colonel

    colonel Speedjunky

    Thx. Is the fuel pump part of the sending unit assembly?? I was under the impression the fuel pump was located at the block.
  9. 1969RIVI

    1969RIVI Well-Known Member

    Sorry yes you are right the 68-69 Riviera's the fuel pump was an intank unit attached to the sender so yours will just be a filter screen/sock, pick up tube and sender.
  10. telriv

    telriv Well-Known Member

    I believe '69 & I know for sure '70 Rivs, had an in-tank pump. I also believe that '68 Rivs. had a mechanical pump, but I'm not positive on that.
  11. 1969RIVI

    1969RIVI Well-Known Member

    Mine is a 69 and it was an intank pump that has been removed. So maybe it was the 69-70 rivs, I know it was a short run thing. No return line to the tank causing vapour lock was the downfall to that design.
  12. I have the same car and the same issue. I took my sending unit out of the fuel tank because I needed to get rid of the rust cancer in the trunk. So removed the whole tank from the car. Most likely you have the same type of sending unit. It is a cylindrical can that has a float in the middle that rides the potentiometer when it's full or low on gas. I have searched for months and I only see the Ebay replacement. It's not the same but most likely does the same job. I'm going with the Ebay unit for now.
  13. colonel

    colonel Speedjunky

    Please share your experience, once the unit is in the car.
  14. BuickPower

    BuickPower Well-Known Member

    i know a guy parting out a 68 lesabre in iowa...not 100 on if they are the same but if you want his info let me know

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