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    As long as you don't park it next to another one, you wont notice!
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    I didn't paint back in the 70's or 80's or even the 90's but if the cars were anything like they are now none of them are the same color no matter what there are variant decks just for this purpose, there are over 12 different variants if 382e,8624,8555,800j etc etc on GM's, YZ on Fords, PR4 on Dodge etc etc you line 10 up and I'll show you 7 that are a different shade or hue. 9 times out of ten you mix paint to just tint it
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    since i got such a grt , and much appreciated response . another questin .what is the correct / easiest way to do the gsx stripes . paint the whole car , then the stripes , or paint /mask stripes ,then the whole car?? and should it be done different for single , and 2 stage paint . and last , but not least , how was it done from the factory ????
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    Paint the stripes last like the factory did. You should be able to feel edge. Don't burry under clear. As far as the yellow. The Gsx's were painted in batches. So for a given date many were the same shade. A few months apart and I could understand some variance.
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    my paint store said they had no saturn yellow , and came up blank on the numbers . went with corvette yellow . look even close

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    My Camaro is painted yellow. While not GM Saturn Yellow, I wanted to comment on the undercoat. We used a red fill to fill low spots after bare metal tidy up of all panels, then grey primer, before laying down the yellow. Then overlaid that with a pearl.

    The PPG Liquid Crystal Vibrance Series. Sunset Yellow Pearl. It's a 2 stage process everything included, including the yellow base coat. You don't have to do the pearl overlay.

    But what I love about this paint. You only really see the pearl in bright bright sunshine or in dawn / dusk partial light. If it's an overcast day for example it just looks yellow, no pearl. But when the sun comes out or it's going down, a bunch of red / green pearl comes out.

    Here it is overcast no pearl showing


    Here it is in the blazing sun with pearl showing

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    thats got more dimensions than i can count . im always cost consius, even if my spelling is poor . but unless you work for free . which i do . the price of the paint really shouldnt matter . how much?? and your saying , you can see the red under the grey ,or it shadows it ??
  8. cluxford

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    sorry not saying you can see the red under the grey, just stating how we prepped it for paint. Filler could be any colour. Makes no difference, but primer was grey. You may have noticed the pearl flames also. They only appear when the pearl shows. They are an extra 5 layers of pearl, over the pearl, with 10 layers at the tips. it was my goal of genuine ghost flames. Not ghost where they are slightly different shade of the same colour. These flames literally disappear and only appear in certain light and angles.

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    I would have found a new paint store.
  10. copperheadgs1

    copperheadgs1 copperheadgs1

    I would have found a new paint store. The numbers are posted here for correct Saturn yellow on numerous posts.

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