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    Default how to remove a scratch from plastic

    Guys, I have a plastic trim bezel I am working on. It is the plastic piece that covers the gauge.

    It has a pretty good scratch in it, and since the plastic is clear, you can really see it.

    How can I get that scratch out of it? Any ideas without ruining the plastic?

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    Default Re: how to remove a scratch from plastic

    Most places the sell plexiglass carry the compounds to do this in grades. It is easier if it is out of the dash but you can do it while it is still installed.
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    Default Re: how to remove a scratch from plastic

    600 sandpaper, 1500, then 2000. After sanding out the scratch, use a metal polish like Autosol (Eastwood).

    I've used this method on scratched wheel center emblems and they now look like new.

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    Default Re: how to remove a scratch from plastic

    For $10...buy a new one...not worth your time, materials and effort to fix the one you have.
    George Nenadovich
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