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    Default 425 hp and torque specs

    anyone know the factory hp and torque numbers for this engine and at what rpms my lesabre manaul does not have this infos

    1963 buick lesabre 4dr ( on $$ hold)
    1968 chevy c10 turbo 383 sbc. 743 rwhp. No time slip yet

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    Default Re: 425 hp and torque specs

    340 hp (360 hp w/2-4 bbl's), 465 ft/lbs torque
    Ben Burgeson
    1966 Buick Riviera
    1966 Buick Riviera GS

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    Default Re: 425 hp and torque specs

    Quote Originally Posted by BensRiv66 View Post
    340 hp (360 hp w/2-4 bbl's), 465 ft/lbs torque
    recent evidence is suggesting that those numbers were inflated beyond reality. how much inflation is still debated.



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