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    Default Re: Understanding Core Shift in the 455 block- why sonic checking is so important.

    I had tossed around the idea of going all out and sleeving an entire block so that one, I could reuse my forged .030 over pistons and two, add durability to the block. I don't know about you're neck of the woods but here in North Texas, it's getting difficult to find these old gems hanging around your local salvage yard. It seems that just about all you can do these days is search out and buy parts from your local "Amazon Parts Store".

    I am the proud owner of two blocks .030 over and the other .060 over. The .060 was pulled from a '72 225, had been rebuilt and looked like a great contender to replace my dying .030. A couple of days following the transplant, the thing started to rattle. I said bearings, Pops said he didn't hear anything, pulled the pan and viola, the rod and main bearings were toast. We sent it to the machine shop for a check up and he said the block was twisted. I was not as informed as I am now with all the ways that a block can be "twisted" but something was wrong with it. It sits in the shed at my dad's house and, it being the only available contender, may find itself back from the grave with 8 new transplants. 8-900 dollars for a stronger block with fresh tubes is suitable compared to purchasing a short block from parts-train.com just to use the block. Springing for the TA455 would be like buying a diamond for your wife but having to save up for the ring...if the military paid better, maybe, but this guy is trying to stay in the game on a more reasonable budget.

    Would custom pistons at .050 with a half-filled block in my .030 motor, sonic check permitting, be better than going for the full sleeves in the .060?


    Mark Richards

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    Default Re: Understanding Core Shift in the 455 block- why sonic checking is so important.

    You should have no problem finding a suitable rebuild candidate in TX. You can probably by a complete engine as a core for half the price your talking about here. Some locals on the east and west coast they are getting harder to find, but should be plenty in TX.

    I would not sleeve 8 cylinders. While stronger in the cylinder walls, overall block durability would be compromised.

    Not to mention that it doesn't make financial sense at this point.


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    Default Re: Understanding Core Shift in the 455 block- why sonic checking is so important.

    Great thread, thanks to all that contributed!
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