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Thread: Odometer Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by CJB72Skylark View Post
    Can we get a moderator to move this thread over to the interior section, turned out to be a pretty informative one...
    Not sure if they can do that.......

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    I know this is an older post but I just used Jason's technique to take apart my speedometer with speed alert that I will be putting in my Buick. Everything worked great, though with the speed alert option it is a little more tricky taking out the drum assembly as the speed alert wire holds the face close to the shell. The little white plastic holding the individual drums of course broke when I was removing it - luckily I had a spare speedometer in the garage, took that one apart as well and used some of its parts (the inside of the speed alert speedometers seem to get a little dirtier which I think is from the hole in the lens for the speed alert knob). Getting the right mileage on the drum was a lot of fun - I thought I was back in the 1980s playing Rubik's Cube

    Anyway, it worked out great - will be putting it in my Buick along with the seat belt warning light as soon as that comes in. Thanks again for the info Jason!
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