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    Default converting an external regulator to a internal

    Does anyone have a diagram of how to wire a 1971 gs 455 from an external regulator to an alternator with a internal one? I have instructions but without seeing a drawing I am easily confused. The alternator was on the car and the regulator is gone off the firewall. I assume its an internal one, is there an easy way to find out?

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    Default Re: converting an external regulator to a internal

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    Default Re: converting an external regulator to a internal

    Thats the instructions I currently have but I am stuck on number 3 of the installation. Is there two red wires attached to the rear Bat ring post and is one of them going to the battery?

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    Default Re: converting an external regulator to a internal

    This isn't hard. You need to change the molded plastic connector that plugs into the alternator (about $6 from NAPA or any other real parts store); and install two homemade jumper wires into the plastic connector that USED to plug into the external voltage regulator.

    The older external-regulator alternator has the connector blades for the indicator and field connections on the rear, and they are side-by-side like this: II instead of side-by side "inline" like the internal-regulator alternator: _ _



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