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    Default Re: The Little Buicks 61-63

    Bumping and poking my head in. I've got a '62 Skylark I've had for a few years. It's a rust-free, 65,000 mile barn find that's lived its whole life here in Kansas City. Factory two-tone paint, leather, the 215 with the infamous dual path, and dealer-installed air. If it had seatbelts, I'd drive it often.

    Once I get my GS done, my plans are to put an 87 GN drivetrain in the 62.
    - Freed

    - Original '70 GS 455 - At High Torque Racing Auto Body & Paint getting a new life.
    - Original '62 Skylark Special - Waiting it's turn.
    - '87 Grand National - Driver, used to be Dad's. Ran low 12's at one time. Now needing some TLC.

    Gone but not forgotten:
    - {DECEASED} '96 Roadmonster Sedan
    - {SOLD} Bone-stock '87 GN
    - {SOLD} '71 Skylark - 4-door post, 350/2BBL
    - {GONE} '91 Chevy S-10, rear end total

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    Default Re: The Little Buicks 61-63

    Mine was a Wisconsin car with 70,000 miles, had some rust but was undercoated (thank god). Bench seats with lap belts, fireball v6 and dual path. I'm putting a Buick 350 in it. Making it a nice little hot rod

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    Default Re: The Little Buicks 61-63

    1961/62/62 Buick Special/Skylark Stick 215V5 Used Pressure plate & Clutch Disc.
    Asking $100 + shipping
    New Jersey
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    Quote Originally Posted by ct buick View Post
    Trying to find all the parts I need to bring this '62 Special Deluxe convertible back to life. Got the motor unseized and waiting on the AT and brake rebuild parts. Sourcing a new exhaust system now (any suggestions?) and the original door and quarter panel trim - I found the front fender trim at buick farm!
    Looks good to start with! You have any issues with getting bolts out of the intake or heads? I have this to do also. As to exhaust any shop with pipe bender would be my bet.
    Buick farm? Would you have a link or phone # I have to find the lower valances for mine.

    Kid442 you still have the 4 speed set up?

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    Default Re: The Little Buicks 61-63

    Jim Lore
    BPG 1037
    "If you cannot clear up the confusion at least make the confusion clear."


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