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    Default Hurst Competition Plus shifter interchange

    Is the Hurst Competition Plus shifter that came in our 1970-1972 Buick four speeds unique to our Buicks? I ask because a shifter from a 1970 Olds 442 recently came up for sale on this board and it sure looked like the correct unit for our Buicks. Perhaps the buyer (Mike Garrison I believe it was) has had a chance to disassemble it to verify the components, especially the shifter levers?

    Here are the stampings on my 1970 Buick four speed shifter:

    shifter body stampings - "Hurst Competition Plus" , 3138, 2480, along with a production date code, for example "69015E"

    shifter levers - 7171, 4172, and ???

    The Buick parts catalog implies that this shifter is unique to the 1970-72 four speed Buicks. The part number for shifter assembly is 1234417, which you'll recognize as a Buick-specific part number.
    Mike Schweitzer
    Rocky Mountain Buick GS club

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    Default Re: Hurst Competition Plus shifter interchange

    68-69 cutlass shifters are very close to thew Buick shifter, the main diff is the Cutlass has a Big H or 442, buicks have hurst heres a pice of the cutlass shifters..if your going to use a cutlass shifter you want a 68 69 cutlass, i will post a pic of it later




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