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    Default Re: finally got one of my own!

    Thanks for the info on the POR15, from the guys I talked to around here (in cincy), they all said it was fine to put the POR15 on the rusted, but sanded down areas as it sticks to that the best, let it dry and then paint it all with top coat. Never used this stuff before, so we will see what happens.

    Well, dug into the floor some more over thanksgiving weekend, needless to say, the floor is a lost cause, worse than we first discovered! Thought the back floor area looked good, turns out the padding between the carpet and the floor was still in when I looked! Ordered a new floor pan yesterday, was going to try and fix but found a good deal with free shipping and 25% off, so ordered a new one!

    The paint..... I am planning on painting the car. I know I want to do one solid color but not sure what color? Any suggestions?
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    Default Re: finally got one of my own!

    Silver or Black
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    Default Re: finally got one of my own!


    Didn't catch your name. If you don't mind, I was wondering where you got the deal on the floor and if the sale is still going on? I've got a 72 GS conv. I have been picking up parts for it. The floor has some holes in it. Welcome to this site!
    Carl Unitis

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    Default Re: finally got one of my own!

    Glad to see you're making good progress! It almost sounds like you should do a complete body off restoration. Then you would know everything is done right and make sure the frame is good. I know that's a lot of work though!
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    Default Re: finally got one of my own!

    the floor pan came from orginial parts group http://www.opgi.com/product.asp?catm...atalog=Skylark - they still have the free shipping but not sure on the extra sale! That was Thanksgiving weekend when I ordered.

    Black or silver.... think I want more color...... something bright and fun!

    Latest update.....it's cold! Hard to work on the car when it's this cold! yeah, I have a garage to work in but with a smaller propane heater and a high ceiling, it's still really cold....so taking a break with the holidays and will get back into it in January! I know still cold then.....

    My name .... it's sheryl! Glad to have a support group!
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    '69 Skylark - started frame off restoration

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    Default Re: finally got one of my own!

    Welcome Sheryl!

    That's a great project you have going there. We love the progress pictures, keep them coming!
    I can relate to the cold garage thing, I am trying to warm mine up right now - it's way too cold!
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    Default Re: finally got one of my own!

    Greetings from just across the river. I really like the color on that car.

    1971 GS 455

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    Default Re: finally got one of my own!

    Just and FYI. This thread is from last year nand this memeber hasn't been on since -Last Activity: 12-15-2010 02:36 PM
    Brian G.
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    Default Re: finally got one of my own!

    Wow, been a little over a year since I was last one! Been busy with life and this project! Well, as I continue to gid into this project, we have decided to do a total frame off restoration! Not by choice but by need.

    So over the past year, I have been buying parts, parts and more parts..... have a new frame (just the frame) and have started to sand and por15 it.... see picture.... have started to fix up the fenders, sore support and some more pieces......

    This has become a HUGE undertaking. Hope to have it done by the end of 2012!
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    Default Re: finally got one of my own!

    (Sigh) ... I have Lift Envy

    Glad you're still progressing. Lots of times when things were as bad as you found it leads to a total tear down, but you're doing the right thing for both the car and you if you plan to go topless for many years to come.

    Me ... I'm celebrating 20 years with my top down this coming season.

    FYI - Gary and Doug Paine are out in Ohio (Father/Son) and are a great wealth of info and parts for us 68/69 StepChildren. Their board names are GreatScat and PaineKiller.

    Did you get yourself the 1969 Buick Chasis service manual yet ? it will be invaluable to you as you put it back together.

    BTW - "we", the 68/69 fans loosely refer to ourselves as the StepChildren because the majority used to only like either the earlier 64-67s or the later 70-72's and po-poo'd the unique styling of the 68/69's ...

    ... So, welcome to the StepChild Nation and don't hesitate to ask as you progress.
    Alan W

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    What is a Buick StepChild ?
    Quote Originally Posted by 442w30 View Post
    ... They have awkward proportions from certain angles, and they look dumpy compared to their GM brethren
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    Default Re: finally got one of my own!

    I learned to drive on the 69 with the top down, it was dads. Always dreamed I would own one of my own.

    I did get the manual. Dad is rebuilding his (my brother took it apart and was planning to put it back together but never got it to).

    Building two now! Here's a pic of dad's - from back in the day!
    '68 Skylark
    '69 Skylark - started frame off restoration

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  12. Default Re: finally got one of my own!

    Good to see another Buick restoration here in Cincinnati! That picture reminds me of my 68 Skylark convertible I "restored" in 1977...first car, wore a tux to senior prom @ Moonlight Pavillion
    Working on a 69 GS350 hardtop among other things here. Keep us posted on progress!
    65 Wildcat Custom Coupe...Dual Quad Super Wildcat, 4-speed.

    Ted Nagel.

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    Default Re: finally got one of my own!

    Been a while since I have been on this website and gave an update.... so.... I found a 68 on craigslist in the area and went to look at it... this one is in much better shape than the one I am currently restoring... so... cahnge of plans... bought the 68 and will drive.... yet DRIVE this one while I fix it. The body looks great and not too much rust. As for the 69... not sure yet, dad has a 69 as well that we are working on so we might use some of the parts and either part out the 69 and/or sell the shell. I know there will be other parts I will get rid of...like the extra frame, extra hood and more. I get a picture up soon of the new old car!
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    '69 Skylark - started frame off restoration

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    Default Re: finally got one of my own!

    here are the pictures
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    '68 Skylark
    '69 Skylark - started frame off restoration

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    Default Re: finally got one of my own!

    Hey there Sheryl! Great news that you are driving instead of working on the cars only!!! Have fun and keep us posted!
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    Default Re: finally got one of my own!

    Yeah, I am really excited about the driving, been out everyday!

    Now time to sell the 69 and all the extra pieces!
    '68 Skylark
    '69 Skylark - started frame off restoration

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    Default Re: finally got one of my own!

    Congratulations on the car and have fun!
    N. Mankato, MN

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    Cool Re: finally got one of my own!

    Congrats ! We just got our 70 also ! Topless,..... the only way to go fast with class!
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    Loves Em Topless

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