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    Adam Whitman Guest

    Default Nailhead Info/Parts Sources

    This is to list the reputable parts suppliers and builders of nailheads.

    Carmen Faso
    716.693.4090 -
    J&C's Parts
    7127 Ward Road
    North Tonawanda, NY 14120

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    Adam Whitman Guest


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    Adam Whitman Guest


    TA Performance is also getting more involved with the nailheads. Hard parts, and shorty headers. www.taperformance.com

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    Adam Whitman Guest


    from buickperformance.com:

    Looking to install a 700R4 or 200-4R behind a nailhead 401/425 ?, contact: Rod N Racin, 715 East Main St, Belleville, IL 62220, 618-257-0567. Price for the adapter kit is $295.

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    IgnitionMan Guest


    I do both real, live HEI, and MSD trigger only conversions into stock cast iron nailhead distributors.

    I don't use Ignitors, but real HEI and MSD components.

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    Aug 2002
    Adelaide, South Australia.


    I can vouch for Ignition Man's work - I've seen it. Use him.

    Bill S.

    P.S. Dave, my 401 distributor is on it's way!

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    Franklin, Massachusetts

    Default Nailhead Parts Sources

    Ken Schmidt
    The Buick Bonery
    6970 Stamper Way
    Sacramento, CA 95828

    "Previously owned" parts in absolutely the best condition I have ever bought. You get way more than you pay for.

    Buick Specialties
    P.O. Box 5368
    Kent, WA 98604

    Very high quality rebuilt/restored rockers and shafts

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    Stamford, Ct.


    Mini-starters are available. Weigh 8lbs. 9ozs. Will fit '61-'66 364/401/425 engines only at this time. Will be working on older designs soon, depending on interest. All brand new, no rebuilts. $299.00 plus shipping.
    Also getting closer to production, Roller Tip Rocker Arms for all NailHeads from'53-'66. Will post dyno results when the time comes for all to see & read.
    E-mail, telriv@yahoo.com or telriv@msn.com
    Phone, days, 8Am-6Pm, M-F, (203) 324-6045
    Snail mail: Tom Telesco
    C/O Classic & Muscle Automotive
    465 Glenbrook Rd.
    Stamford, Ct. 06906-1820
    Classic & Muscle Automotive
    Stamford, Ct.

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    I found this place that says they make a kit to put any Chevy Trans stick or auto from 55-97 to any nail head from 53-66..there are 3 different kits...but it looks like nice stuff..kind of pricey but hey, what would my 63 LeSabre be like with a 401 and a 6 speed from a Z28 in it ....

    be cool, James

    1966 Skylark 2dr ht 340/4bl SOLD! miss it bad :(
    1963 LeSabre 2dr ht 401/4bl SOLD!
    1989 Dodge Shelby Dakota..#1030 of 1475...and 1 of 480 with white body color. SOLD!
    1995 Dodge Demon Dakota V8 5sp, short, reg cab FOR SALE!...SOLD, cash + 1970 Ford
    1970 Ford LTD 2dr ht

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    Bob Bendtsten builds cool stuff. (Transmission adaptors.com) As you can see from his website, he'll put just about anything to anything too. He also knows his fuel injection. Fun to BS with also.
    Tom Burgeson

    '64 Skylark w/350 & THM400
    '23 (Ford) 'T' bucket w/425 Nailhead - 2x4
    '96 Roadmaster Ltd Sedan
    '99 Regal GSE - history
    '48 Super Sedanette - history

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    feels like the bowels of hell


    i'll agree with pinhead..Ken scmidt is a life saver, he is super helpful,always has pretty much anythin y'all can thinkk of in his 'collection' and his prices are more than decent... he's kept my baby rolling quite a few times now..

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    I bought an adapter from Benstedts to put a 700r4 behind my 401 in a 61 Electra Convert. I have nothing but positive things to say about the man and his products. Helpful start to fininsh and he builds a great kit. Everything was included and it all fit no problem. I definitely would reccomend him. This guy also puts Cadillac Northstars into Fiero's!!! I bet thats a wild ride!

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    For all of you nailhead junkies, there's a custom hotrod and speed shop up here in the Pacific NW that is producing speed equipment for the nailhead along with alot of other goodies.

    The speed shop website is http://www.nwspeedequipment.com/

    and the custom shop website is http://www.northwestcustoms.net/

    They're sister sites, with some redundancy, but well worth checking out if only just to see the slammed '59-'60 fullsize Buford.
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    Ints Luters
    1965 Skylark GS
    (Grandma's car)

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    Thumbs up Nailhead Parts

    For straight eight or nailhead engine parts try:

    Terrill Machine, Inc.
    1000 County Road 454,
    DeLeon, TX 76444

    (254) 893-2610
    1954 Buick Model 41D
    1955 Buick Model 46R
    1956 Buick Model 63R
    1998 Jeep Wrangler
    2005 Pontiac GP GT
    2007 Corvette Coupe

    BCA #6827
    GSCA #3839
    ROA #3244
    CHVA #LM133

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    Default 401

    Did you ever call Jim Burek Buick Engine and Parts Builder I'm sure he can help you further with your nailhead heads!

    And they will be a great ride when you get them back!

    Did you have your heads checked for cracks yet?


    Robert Noeken
    72 Buick GS"X" TSP Build 475CID TASTAGE1TE 350CFM/TA SP2A/950CFMcarb/TA308S/Eagle H-beam BBC Rods/Stock Crank/Diamond forged pistons/Moroso external oilpump+relocated oilfilter/grooved block+bearings/oil line to rear of block/ 3/4 block fill/MSD Pro Billet /Meziere electric waterpump/ 649HP@622Torque
    First testruns: 10.76@117MPH
    Hometown The Hague, The Netherlands "Go Fast! The taste of Adrenaline"

    Check out GofastBuick at youtube:http://www.youtube.com/user/GofastBuick

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    Chicago, IL


    Anyone know where to get an inexpensive set of these for the early nailheads?

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    Default Parts r Us!

    Check out our online store at www.nashrodandcustom.com (see link above).

    We are still stocking our store, and if anyone has any requests/suggestions for Nailhead specific parts they'd like to see on there, drop me a line. We carry over 450 different vendors (from Accel to Zoops and everything in between), and are adding more every day.

    I'm currently building a 'highboy '30 Model A Sedan which is getting a '65 425 Nailhead. This will be my personal hot rod, and it won't have a hood (why hide something that pretty?!), and it will be a daily year-round driver. I'll post pics of the build if anyone is interested...

    I'm thinking either a 6x2 setup, dual quads (I know where a factory dual quad manifold is cheap), or possibly Hilborn Fuel Injection. (With an open hood, I'll need down-turned velocity stacks though to keep rain out).....God, I love this stuff!!!!
    Cory Nash - President
    Nash Rod and Custom, LLC
    4528 Highway 43 North
    Ethridge, TN 38456
    E-mail me with your parts/tech questions!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 55buicksuper
    Also for now I want to upgrade the 4bbl carb on my 322, doesn't anyone make an adapter so I can use the stock intake with an aftermarket carb like
    Edelbrock or Holley?
    I've got an intake that was modified to do just that out in the shop, I'll pop off some pic's and get back to ya.
    65 skylark convertible
    300 powerpack with 4 speed (hopefully)
    51 gmc quad cab with olds 350
    plus my dailly

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    Mr62Buick Guest

    Default Nailhead Blower manifolds...

    If you guys wanna hold on for a bit on the induction.... Marty at NWSPEED is in the process of having blower manifolds cast.. (aluminum) So, go to his website and see if they are out yet... I think a blower would be SLIGHTLY better then hilborn and ALOT less headaches to adjust... HMMM dual quads/blower manifold/nitrous??? Hmmmmm think of the possibilities!!

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    Bucks County, Pa

    Default Maddog Racing

    Maddog Racing has engine kits for nailheads....see their e-bay store at:
    Walt K
    (1)'66 GS Astro Blue, 13.41 et (2)'66 GS Saddle Mist, L76 Q-jet option, 1 of 132 (3)'66 GS Flame Red, Calif car (4)'66 GS Silver Mist, 4 speed (5)'66 Special, Flame Red, 300 (6)'79 Turbo Regal, 14.1 et (7)'65 GS 4 speed 'vert

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    Default Blower kits and manifolds...

    Both http://www.hamptonblowers.com/ and http://www.blowerdriveservice.com/ have blower kits for the Nailhead...
    they include the manifold but it doesn't look like either want to sell the manifold sperately...

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    USK WA 1 hr n. of Spokane on ID border

    Red face mini starter 364-401-425

    brand new $275.00 to your door,rebuilt $235.00 to your door(us only. will ship anywhere for shipping cost) send me a p/m if you want one or questions
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    Last edited by 65specialconver; 04-21-2006 at 02:10 AM. Reason: add rebuilt
    Jamie McClintonPride and joy '65 Special convertible w/340-4
    '69 Special Deluxe

    Retired Starter & Alternator rebuilder
    Buick mini-starters for sale!
    Hi-output alternators!

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    I just got off the phone with Gordon Automotive/Automatic transmission parts.
    I ordered stuff for an Ford AOD I am building but they have stuff for most older trans as well such as Dynaflo, cast iron powerglides, Hydramatics, etc...
    They seem very professional and helpful. And the prices were very reasonable for the late model.

    Do a search for 'Gordon automatic trans parts' or 1-800-589-8868.

    401" powered 55 Special 2dr w/2x4's, solid cam, Telesco roller rockers.

    54 Chevy 2dr, mild custom,327 powered, early solid axle Vette suspension .

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    Quote Originally Posted by sixdfive
    Just wondering why this link doen't work. Thanks
    1958 Buick Special 2dr hrdtop, running strong and proud
    1968 dodge polara 500 2 door, gas guzzler, for sale
    1981 Chevrolet pick up, IROC running gear
    1927 chevy 2dr sedan, basket case/ winter project/ future rat rod.

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    Thumbs up

    Ok ! Sorry guy's for all i have said here in the past ,being led down the garden path with amertuerish ideas from rip off guy's . i should of just taken time to listen to you all and take it all in from the start . Apologies to tom telesco .i have spent 1000's on my engine now ,And in the process of putting my 60 thou bore 425 back together . headwork done from F&M heads here in Adelaide ,South Australia with 90pound pressure isky racing springs,shims , T/A SS big valve job ported 7 polished to the information specs from numerous nailhead guru's and sites over the last 2 years research. 2x4 cast iron intake port matched with work done also. flow numbers for both if needed.2x 600 cfm edelbrock carbs 1405 , 1406 , progressive linkage and (pictured ) 2x B&M air cleaners with 4 x K&N filters..crank, rods, done and whole rotating assembly balanced ,magnafluxed,align honed etc etc etc within under 1 gram.
    A schneider cam and lifters 490 lift & 280 just over GS specs.Arp bolts and SS dressup bolts taming the wildcat also. A billet custom made harmonic balancer was also made here in Adelaide from my good friend Tony Iglio ,who has been making harmonic balances for 30 years now.the engine is now being put together with the most critical of tolerances using state of the art tech nowhow and old school nostalgic ways from another good friend of mine Steve Tonkes Automotive racing heads and engines, using and incorporating ideas from 2 years research also ..Steve also has been building racers from mild to wild for 30 + years.original rocker covers are being chromed as well as the valley pan. block and heads being painted hammertech charcoal ,kinda silver black , with like a panther pinkish purple colour , for the finned stuff and brackets. A mini torque starter coupled to an optima red battery for ease of starting and a Lucas alternator looks after the eletrical side. twin thermo fans from a late model ford looks after the cooling with an air raiser moulded lip to direct air up to the engine is also present. PENNZOIL GT SAE50 is the lubricant of choice here ,because all the other pennzoil oils are actually MOBIL ..Straight from thye horses mouth. This oil is best for nailheads here in Australia .A high volume oil pump from T/A is also being introduced to the engine. recurved dizzy has been done ...........but might buy a MSD nailer for it . Also from T/A comes the double row timing set ,to set the cam straight.
    this is going into my 1964 Buick riviera 70,000 miles Right hand drive sleeper.
    i have lots of pics , so reply if you need more . Or if you want to add more knowledge to my itinery ? please do so , i need all the help i can get from you guys. Am i doing the right thing ?
    Kindest regards .Wayno
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