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    Default The Hornet's Nest Movie - Afghanistan

    As some of you know, I worked at TA Performance for a number of years. I left there and got a bug up my ass to go back into the military. Little did I know that I ended up in the Afghan surge. So at 40 years old, I became an Infantryman which was in considerable contrast to my prior service as an airplane mechanic with the Navy. I deployed in 2010 with the 2/327 IN BN to Kunar, Afghanistan. The primary coverage of this film is of my Battalion's last mission prior to leaving. Some, like myself had just started to head home when this mission took place. The first link at the bottom is to the film's Facebook page. The second is to the trailer for the movie. I am just looking to spread the word about an experience that has turned into a cause. I wrote the following this morning for my Facebook friends:

    In 2010/11 Mike Boetcher a 30 year war correspondent, working with ABC News, traveled to Afghanistan to cover the war for a year. He used the opportunity to re-kindle his relationship with his adult son Carlos by taking him along. OEF 10/11 was the most dangerous and deadliest year in Afghanistan. Throughout the year Mike embedded with 3 different Brigades of the 101st Airborne and the 2/8 Marines. He captured the struggles of the Soldiers and Marines as well as the Afghan people. In late March 2011, 2/327 No Slack Battalion of the 101st Airborne was two weeks away from going home. That one last mission, Strong Eagle III, changed Mike's life forever along with the soldiers who's stories he was destined to tell. The Hornet's Nest is that story.

    Through nearly two years of perseverance, passion, and countless volunteers and supporters, this story will be available. It currently is being screened at engagements across the country and is expected to be released on Veteran's Day 2013. The USO is on board and will be showing it in Afghanistan to those very same units that are already back in Afghanistan. With the support of ABC News and others, the film will also travel throughout the US on tour where it will be the focal point of fund raisers for wounded warrior causes.

    Last night I was fortunate enough to see the film along with several other people. This is the story that needs to be told. This is not a big budget film. There has not been a push for such funding in order to preserve the nature of the film. All of the snaps and whizzes are real, no Hollywood effects are needed. Another unique quality of this film is the captured Taliban footage of the Strong Eagle fight.

    This is a grass roots campaign and Mike has asked for everyone's assistance in spreading the word. Please visit and like the Hornet's Nest FB page and share with your friends.



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    Default Re: The Hornet's Nest Movie - Afghanistan

    Thank You for posting and bringing this movie to our attention

    Thank You for your service to our country, fighting for freedom.
    "Bulldog" James A. Miller

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    Default Re: The Hornet's Nest Movie - Afghanistan

    Dave, you've made some life choices that I am sure have and will continue to change your perspective into the future. Amazing stuff to consider, knowing that you are my age.

    No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but billions of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.

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    Default Re: The Hornet's Nest Movie - Afghanistan

    Thanks for sharing this. I was there during the period you talked about, and to put things into perspective, we had just about shattered all the unofficial records for weapons employments... That place is nasty, glad you made it home, and RIP to those who didn't. Who knows maybe we worked together unknowingly...
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    Default Re: The Hornet's Nest Movie - Afghanistan

    All my respect goes out to all you two and many others who serve our country !!! I will see it for sure!!!
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    Default Re: The Hornet's Nest Movie - Afghanistan

    Dave it is good to know you are still doing well. I will put the "Hornets Nest Movie" on my gotta see list.

    Bob H.
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